Working Through Freight Challenges Is A Virtue

blog_image_working_through_freight_challenges_is_a_virtue_250In life, lessons come from all over.  Learning how to become a successful freight agent is no different.  We take those same lessons of ever day life and apply them directly to our freight business.

One of the world’s most famous books to render advice about how we live our lives is the Bible, and its wisdom doesn’t just apply to life in general, we can also apply it straight to our freight agent business.

“Should we accept only good from God, and not adversity.”
Job 2:10

These lessons can be applied both to our business and personal lives. What it means is that we must learn to accept things when we’re unable to change them.


It might sound easy, but accepting things that are out of our control can be challenging. It’s important for us to learn to accept certain situations, and leave them in the hands of God.

For those of us who run successful businesses, it can be challenging sometimes to let go of a situation and not allow it to have total control over us.  It’s also important to accept the fact that we can’t change some circumstances, and trust that they’ll be resolved properly.

That doesn’t mean we’re unable to learn from these situations, however.

“Tomorrow’s job is fathered by today’s acceptance.”
Max Lucado

The important thing is that we see what’s going on, and we learn from it.

Accept, Observe, Learn, Act

With any situation that we’re unable to change, here are four things that we must do:

  1. Accept – Accept that you can’t change it, let God do his work, and let him resolve it.
  2. Observe – Just because you aren’t calling the shots, doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved. Observe what’s going on.  There’s always something you can learn.
  3. Learn – Having properly observed the situation, you can then decide if there’s something that you can learn from it. There might be something you could have done to avoid the situation, or to make the situation even better.  You may have learned that it’s best to leave things and let God take over.
  4. Act –Only after accepting, observing and learning, should we then act. With a situation that we can’t change there might have been a way to have avoided it, or at least lessened the impact – or indeed, improved it.

These are extremely important lessons the Bible teaches us in operating a successful freight agent business.  The most important thing to remember is that situations will happen which are out of our control.  We have to analyze and learn from them, and let God do the rest.


One thought on “Working Through Freight Challenges Is A Virtue

  1. Abraham

    Ted, I agree it is difficult to accept situations outside our control and let God take over. Truth is, as hard as it may seem, that is surely the only way. Any other way will lead to more troubles and failures.


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