Words That Move Way More Freight!

Words That Move Way More Freight!

Word choice is everything in freight sales!

Here are many of the words to avoid, and the high-level words to use in their place. Using these words gets you to the top of any freight sales category.


I’m Sorry / Stop Apologizing!

This phrase is used all the time for no reason.  Break this habit of saying ‘I’m Sorry’ all the time.  Never, ever apologize for calling a freight prospect.  It makes you appear weak and inexperienced!

To Tell The Truth… / The Truth Is…

This phrase suggests that you’re not particularly truthful.  Instead, just be truthful! “The truth is…” is a good substitution phrase but you usually don’t even require that.  Just be honest in what you say to your freight prospects!

To Be Honest… / The Truth Is…

Once again, this makes you sound the opposite of how you want to be perceived.  Just be honest.  You can say “the truth is…” but this is almost never a necessary phrase. Instead, just tell the truth from the start.

I Might or I May / I Will

Might and May are words that suggest you aren’t reliable and that’s no way to move more loads with anyone.  Instead say “I will” to show that you ‘WILL’ follow through.

Maybe / Really

The word ‘Maybe’ suggests that you aren’t dependable.  Instead of ‘Maybe’, say ‘Really’ as a positive adjective. Then, REALLY follow through!

Probably / Definitely

Once again, ‘Probably’ is a word that suggests you aren’t reliable. Instead, saying ‘Definitely’ shows that you are someone freight prospects and customers can count on.

Possibly / Absolutely

‘Possibly’ is another wishy-washy word that doesn’t make anyone stand out. Instead, be bold and clear with a word like ‘Absolutely’.

I’ll Try or I’m Trying / I’ll Do or I’m Doing

There’s a big difference between ‘Trying’ to do something and then ‘Doing’ it.  Don’t tell a freight prospect that you’ll ‘Try’ or that you’re ‘Trying’ to do something.  Instead, tell them that you ‘Will’ do something.  Then follow through and ‘Just Do it!’

OK / Yes or Absolutely

OK is not a bad word in and of itself but it’s not as positive or as energized as it could be.  Saying ‘Yes’ or ‘Absolutely’ is way more appealing and noticeable.

Hoping / Doing

Telling a freight prospect or customer that you’re ‘Hoping’ to do something doesn’t inspire confidence in anyone’s abilities.  Instead, tell your prospects that you’re ‘Doing’ it!

Hopefully / Actually

‘Hopefully’ means that you want something to happen.  it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen.  Instead of expressing a wish, commit to making it happen and telling your   prospects that it’s ‘Actually’ happening.

I’ll Help / I’ll Assist

‘Assist’ shows that you’re working directly with prospects.  It’s a more powerful word than ‘Help’ and can lead to more freight sales.

I Need / I Require

Both words are synonymous, but ‘Require’ is a much stronger word than ‘Need’ and it doesn’t make you appear ‘Needy!’

Could Be or Should Be / Will Be

To inspire confidence and portray reliability, avoid any words that speak of possibilities such as ‘Could Be’ or ‘Should Be.’ Instead, speak with total confidence with ‘Will Be.’

Umm, Ahh, Well… / Yes or Exactly

Don’t hem and haw with sounds that mean nothing.
Be clear and direct in all of your affirmatives.

I Think / I Know

Saying “I Think” displays that you aren’t confident.
Saying “I Know” shows that you are!

I Can’t / I Can

Saying you ‘Can’t’ do something is the fastest way to eliminate any opportunity of moving more freight.  Instead, confidently say that you ‘Can’ do it and then follow through and move it.

I Want / I Will

‘Want’ is another word that lacks confidence.  Instead, inspire confidence with the high value word – ‘Will.’

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