Words For Success – Words That Will Get You Through The Door


‘Words Do Not Return Void’ – Florence Scovill Shin

Typically we use ‘Um’, ‘Well’ and ‘Ah’ when speaking to a shipping decision maker. We’re like a deer in the headlights because we don’t know what to say. We don’t know how to handle it.

Here’s your choice of words for you to use so you sound like the professional that you are:

  • I’m Sorry
  • To Tell The Truth…
  • To Be Honest…
  • I Might / I May
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • Possibly
  • I’ll Try
  • I’m Trying
  • OK
  • Hoping
  • Hopefully
  • Help
  • I Need
  • Could Be / Should Be
  • Umm, Ahh, Well…
  • I Think
  • I Can’t
  • I Want
  • Stop Apologizing!
  • The Truth Is…
  • I Will
  • Really
  • Definitely
  • Absolutely
  • I’ll Do
  • I’m Doing
  • Yes / Absolutely
  • Doing
  • Actually
  • Assist
  • I Require
  • Will Be
  • Yes / Exactly
  • I Know
  • I Can
  • I’ll Have

If you keep using the words in red when you call your prospects, you will sound just like 95% of freight agents that come into this profession and stick around for a month or two and then quietly go away because they did not move forward. If you’re going to be successful, if you want to get the attention of your shipping decision makers, use words on the right.

This will make you stand out and make you sound different and more professional than a typical freight agent that your shipping decision makers talk to.

REMEMBER (When Calling Prospects & Customers)

Put your words in front of you so you are confident
Start thinking: “I Deserve Their Business!”

PEOPLE Converse Best With Those THEY Relate To!
Use words that descript action, words that descript following through

The # 1 Word That ALL Humans Hear From The Time Of Birth Until Age 18 Is…”NO!”
We go into the call assuming our prospect will say no to us
Change that to YES. The more you use more positive words, words of encouragement, words of action, you will start hearing yes.

The Less You Say…The Better You Sound!
The less you say, the more you listen

It’s Easy To Spot An Insincere Sales Agent. Like A Skunk In Your Family Room, They Both Smell Terrible!

Stop using mediocre words. Start using words that get people’s attention so they will listen to you.

These words will get you through the door, providing you are using them correctly, people will pay attention to you, providing you supply the solutions they require.

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