Where Is Your Motivation?

Where Is Your Motivation?

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Achieving your goal in this industry is going to take time. One day of hard, focused effort isn’t going to be enough. To get what you desire, you have to put in hard focused work every single day, day after day, for a long and extended period of time – even months and years.Like billionaire Warren Buffet says:

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it takes nine months to have a baby.

Every day, you have to wake up and take the steps necessary to get what you desire. To do this, you’ll have to tap into your motivation. It takes a tremendous amount of motivation to get out there every day and make calls, build relationships, and face objections when you ask for the order. Motivation, however, is a skill you can learn.

Are you willing to pay the price?

There was once a businessman who made a fortune in the cleaning industry. On an interview for a TV show, he was once asked “What is the secret of success?”

His reply was:

To become successful, you have to first know what you want, and then determine the price you are willing to pay to achieve it. If you pay the price, you will achieve your goal.

Whether your desire is to become a millionaire, or just make a little extra money so you can go on vacation or pay your rent on time, there will be a price you’ll have to pay to accomplish this.

You’ll have to work hard and make sacrifices to keep learning and growing and changing. Your goal will cost you time, effort and energy!

The question is:

Are YOU willing to pay the price?

No one else will do this for you. It’s all on your shoulders.

If you’re willing to pay the price, you can accomplish anything you desire. Most people are not willing to pay the price. It’s too difficult. It’s too intimidating and they don’t desire it bad enough.

Even if you aren’t very motivated right now, you can unlock your hunger when you follow these:

3 Essentials of Business Success

  1. Goals
    • All success in this industry and in life begins with a goal. Set some compelling goals that light a fire under your belly and get them down on paper. If you can’t show me a written list of your goals, then all you have are just dreams.
  2. Systems
    • You must follow a proven system if you want to be successful in this industry. If you don’t take the actions that successful freight agents take, then you can’t get the results that successful freight agents get. Your roadmap to selling more freight includes making 3 contacts a day and following up with your list weekly via email.
  3. Motivation
    • Last but most importantly is Motivation. Motivation is the glue that holds everything together. It’s your WHY. As Nietzsche said, A man with a strong enough WHY can endure any HOW!
    • In other words, it’s motivation that gives you the discipline to review your goals and it’s motivation that allows you to stick to the system.

When you follow these three steps – and pay the required price – then you can live out your dreams and create an amazing life for yourself and your family!

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