What Do Your “BIG” Words Mean?

Big words, jargon and buzzwords will often make you sound foolish if you don’t know the meaning.Even if you do use the words correctly, your message can easily be lost if your listener doesn’t know what you are saying.

Don’t use terms that most people don’t understand


Three Big Lessons:

  1. Anytime you’re trying to sound ‘smart’ you’re just making a fool of yourself. It’s far better to come across as authentic rather than ‘smart’.
  2. Unless you’re absolutely 100% sure of the meaning of a word, particularly jargon and buzzwords, don’t use them. You may think that using big words makes you sound smart or that jargon and buzzwords make you look like an industry insider. But the reality is that they can make you look exceptionally foolish unless you have proper command of them.
  3. Better yet, use small words to make your big points. Even if you know the proper definition and use of big words or industry jargon/buzzwords, do your readers/hearers? There’s nothing worse than not getting your message across. If those listening to you don’t understand your message, what’s the point? Lastly people often resent the feeling of being ‘talked down to’ by those who deem themselves to be intellectually superior.

So choose your words carefully when communicating with others. Aim for authenticity and understanding rather than showing off, and, as a result of not connecting with your audience or worse – looking foolish to them.

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