8 Ways Freight Agents Stay Motivated

8 Ways Freight Agents Stay Motivated

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In 2014, Green Meadows Productions was atop of the LDI company leaderboard. I don’t say this to brag, but to impress upon you the importance of having goals. We set the goal, we knew WHY we desired it, and we all took massive action to achieve it. We followed the process we knew worked, and we accomplished our goal!Achieving your goals will not be easy. You’ll have to persevere as you come up against setbacks. Discipline yourself to follow the process day after day and continually pay the price to get what you want. To have any hope of doing this, you’ll need to learn the critical skill of Motivation.

Below Are 8 Ways Freight Sales Agents Stay Motivated

  1. Set Goals That You Will Accomplish
    • The first step to achieving your big goal is to decide what your goal is. Motivation begins once you get clear on WHAT you desire. So what do you desire? To be financially independent? To take your family on a trip to Hawaii? To buy a new pair of shoes?
    • Whatever you desire, write it down on paper and make sure your goal is accomplish-able. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goal, it will only demotivate you. Set a goal that is right on your limit, but that you truly believe is possible. Remember, you’re not creating a wish list- you’re creating a success plan.
  2. Devise A Plan Of Action
    • Once goals are established, break each one down into weekly and daily action steps that you check off as you complete them. Break all your goals down into daily and even hourly goals as well. Say you want to earn $100,000 this year. That works out to $50/hr. Once you know how much you want to earn per hour, you can create a plan where you discipline yourself to do ONLY tasks which earn $50/hr.
    • Review your progress and celebrate your achievements. Successes build momentum and are great motivators to keep you going.
  3. Time Block Your Day
    • This is essential to getting your 3 new contacts each day. Block or compartmentalize tasks into single chunks of time. When you have these blocks of time set aside each day, it doesn’t matter if you feel great or you feel lousy. You’ll take action and discipline yourself no matter what. When making your daily cold calls, set aside 15 minutes to dial a certain number then move on to the next 15-minute task.
    • Splitting up your daily goals into small, doable tasks lessens resistance and your ability to finish them becomes more realistic.
    • The newer you are to the freight industry, the more important this step will be. Soon you’ll have to spend time each day negotiating with your prospects and customers, but to get to that point, set blocks of time each day to reach out to your 3 new daily contacts.
  4. Reach Out To Other Entrepreneurs
    • Working from your home is isolating. So a great support network, online or off, keeps your motivation high and provides a boost of energy that gets you through the day.
    • It’s all too easy to slack off when nobody’s looking. You have to go to a higher level of focus and discipline to work hard when a boss isn’t around. To assist with this, network with other freight agents or self-employed individuals. Share your challenges, strategies and methods of motivation. Networking with others reminds you of why you got into this business initially and keeps motivation flowing.
    • Stay abreast of our webinars and conference calls to develop your sales skills and keep them continually razor sharp. Your checkbook is indicative of the three people you hang out with the most. Who are you communicating with to stay motivated?
  5. Start & Stay Healthy
    • Sitting for long times is a detriment to staying healthy. It drains your energy and contributes to weight gain. A sick and tired body cannot maintain a motivated and productive lifestyle.
    • Set aside time each day to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity. This assists your body in releasing more endorphins – a natural feel good hormone that increases energy and motivation.
    • 150 minutes of exercise per week is a fantastic goal to aim for. Be sure to pick something fun for your exercise so you will stick to it. You can go for a walk with your partner, join a sports club or play a game of tennis a couple of times a week.
  6. Dress For Success
    • Although working from home gives you the ability to spend your day in pajamas, it doesn’t mean you should. Wearing the right clothes can be a confidence booster and motivator as well. If you desire to make a million dollars, then dress like a Millionaire!
    • Every time you look in the mirror, there is an impact on your self-image: the idea in your head of the type of person that you are. If every time you look in the mirror, you see a millionaire, your self-image will begin to think of yourself as a millionaire also!
    • The law of correspondence states that your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. This means if you see a millionaire on the inside, you will soon become a millionaire on the outside!
  7. Read Ted’s Daily Motivational Insights
    • Daily quotes are great motivators when you read them over and over. If you’re searching for daily motivation, read Ted’s insights that land in your LDI gmail account early every morning.
    • These will give you a boost and remind you of your WHY.
  8. Never Ever Quit
    • Train yourself to finish what you start. Visualize the end goal. If you refuse to quit until you’re done, you’ll cross the finish line and discover you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this industry.
    • Everyone has the experience of starting something that was important to them and then not finishing it! When you are you going to stop this?

Every time you finish what you start, you build the habit of never quitting which makes it easier to persevere next time!

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