Traits Of Successful Freight Sales Agents!

Traits Of Successful Freight Sales Agents!

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The freight sales agent profession is extremely lucrative when you’re committed to pursuing its’ rewards.  So, here are several required traits of successful freight sales agents that WILL get you to where you’re attempting to go.   When you possess and put these into action, you’ll land right at the top of your company’s leaderboard.

Successful Freight Sales Agents Aren’t Hesitant

Successful freight sales agents capitalize on each opportunity that comes your way.   Few opportunities will come to you, and in most cases, you must go after them.  When you’re hesitant about asking freight prospects for their upcoming loads, then other freight agents who aren’t hesitant, will eventually move them.  Hesitating to quote or negotiate a freight rate immediately, forces your freight prospect to seek out someone who will.  So, be bold, decisive and move when your goal is to explode your freight business!

Successful Freight Sales Agents Don’t Wait

Your freight customers must have their shipments get to where they’re going on time.  When you wait, they’ll question your ability to meet their deadlines.  Don’t keep your customers waiting, for you to move their loads, or update them on when they’ve picked up or delivered – period!

Successful Freight Sales Agents Appreciate Small Companies

This is true in business and life.  As you go after big company freight, don’t forget to move small company freight as well.  You may be better off servicing multiple small companies instead of a single large one, particularly if the smaller companies have the potential to go large.  It’s also risky to have just one large customer.  Why?  Because when they eventually leave you, you’re starting all over again.  Appreciate, as well as nurture, your smaller freight customers.

Successful Freight Sales Agents Tolerate Risk

Life is rife with risk, particularly in freight sales.  You must take risks daily, in this profession, to gain new freight customers, and not every risk pays off.  When you’re intelligent about the risks you take, and who you’re building relationships with, you’ll succeed in the long run – in any part of this game.

Successful Freight Sales Agents Have Passion

Freight prospects can tell when you’re passionate about your business.  They desire to conduct business with freight agents that have the same passion as they do.  When you show prospects that you have that passion for this profession, they’ll work with you.

Successful Freight Sales Agents Are Confident

There’s a technique in freight sales called “assume the sale.”  So, as you engage with your freight prospects, assume and act as if they’re going to do business with you.  To do that, use the word ‘when’ in place of ‘if’ for example.  Talk as though your agreement is a done deal.  This display of confidence assists you in gaining more freight business.

Successful Freight Sales Agents Enjoy Being Themselves

When you’re genuine, and show freight prospects that you enjoy being yourself in what you do, they’ll feel comfortable doing business with you.  Be proud of yourself and your freight business, without being prideful or boastful.  Then, your pride will show to both prospects and customers.

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