Traits That Make You More Likeable


Being more popular leads to more various social and business benefits. However, some folks focus way too much on business, or, exhibit other traits that make them less likable.  Fortunately, there are many ways to assist others in liking you.  Whether you’re my beginner freight sales agent, or, a seasoned freight sales agent, these six pointers increase your freight sales and likability quotient.




Remember People’s Names & Repeat Them Often

Your first freight sales agent training pointer is to remember your prospects’ names.  Remembering their names indicates that you value them as individuals.  Research shows that when people don’t remember others names, it’s because they simply don’t care.  It’s also important to repeat your prospects’ names in conversation.  Everyone enjoys hearing their name being said.  When you don’t repeat your prospects’ names, they have NO way of knowing that you remember them

Mind Your Mobile Manners

Most individuals don’t appreciate when you stare at your phone during a meal.  So, be mindful of your phone habits.  When you absolutely must take a call, politely excuse yourself from the room. A great freight sales agent pays more attention to their prospect or customer, in front of them, than their own phone.

Be Consistently Consistent

It’s required of you to always be consistent.  Individuals who express wild mood swings or who act differently on different days are challenging to like and trust.  At times, consistency involves managing and updating your own logistics loads.  Always be on time for each and every pick-up and delivery appointment. When your customers count on you, they view you in a positive light and keep their loads coming.

Ask Great Probing Questions

Some feel that asking questions of others makes them look weak.  However, that statement could not be more further from the truth.  Asking questions indicates a willingness to learn what your prospects require, and an interest in them as individuals.  Likewise, if you’re already in my freight sales agent training program, don’t ever be afraid to ask me questions. How else will you learn if you don’t ask the required questions?  Receiving your answers also assists you in performing your freight sales profession even better.  It also shows your freight sales expert trainer that you’re eager to learn.

Smile More, More, More

Smiling more makes others smile, reduces stress and releases pain.  In other words; if you smile more, you’ll feel better which makes others feel better as well.  A seasoned freight sales expert knows that when you make their prospects feel good, they’ll enjoy having you around.  A well-timed smile relays to your prospects that you also value their input.

Express Sympathy & Empathy

Frequently, freight sales agents get so caught up in logistics that they forget their prospects are humans with emotions.  Make sure your prospects know that you value and respect their emotions.  If they’re frustrated, empathize and assist them in finding solutions.  Sometimes, mirroring clients’ emotions can actually assist in calming them.

When you follow these six pointers, you’ll be more likable. This has many benefits, such as increased sales and improved business and personal relationships.

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