Ben Schmitz testimonial

Ted teaches you how to stay connected with the industry, as well as provides you with all the tools to become a successful freight agent.

-Ben Schmitz

Dana Mitchell testimonial

Ted Keyes is a great mentor and will definitely help anyone reach a new plateau in the freight industry.

-Dana Mitchell

Greg Albrecht testimonial

For anyone interested in becoming a freight agent, I highly recommend working with Ted. He’s very good at guiding you through the challeneges you face when starting out, as well as providing ongoing support.

-Greg Albrecht

Matthew Johnson testimonial

Ted will give you the keys to success. If you listen to him and follow the plan, you will be moving freight and making money.

-Matthew Johnson

Prema Kline testimonial

Ted’s training is well-structured and he keeps you motivated to become a successful freight agent.

-Prema Kline

Anthony Taylor testimonial

Hands down the best Agent Training in the Business, follow the system Ted teaches and success is Yours. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

-Anthony Taylor

James Johnson

I would definitely recommend Mr. Keyes training program to anyone that is thinking about becoming a Freight Broker or Agent

-James Johnson