You’re Talking AT Freight Prospects While Doing This!

You’re Talking AT Freight Prospects While Doing This!

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Do you operate a successful freight sales business?  If not, now’s the time to recognize the power of optimizing effective communication with your freight prospects.  In many cases, freight sales agents talk AT their freight prospects rather than TO and WITH them.  To decipher whether you’re committing this error, read the blunders here and make my required corrections immediately!


You Talk More Than Half The Conversation

If you talk more than half the conversation when interacting with freight prospects, you’re talking at them.  Remember, the goal in freight sales is to determine your prospects requirements so you provide them with the freight services that’ll improve their freight moving responsibilities and duties.  When you yack, yack, yack more than your freight prospects and customers, you’re not collecting the detailed information necessary to determine what they require, and which freight services are ideal for them.

You’re Telling More Than You’re Asking

When you tell more than you ask your freight prospects, you’re talking too much.  To correct this blunder, always be asking your freight prospects questions.  Ideally, the questions should be both general and specific. This general question: “How Are You Doing Today?” is a great conversation starter.  A more specific question: “What Challenging Freight Can I Move For You This Week?” assists you in a manner demonstrating your interest connecting your freight prospects to your stellar freight moving abilities.

Your Prospect Isn’t Conversing With You

When your freight prospects aren’t conversing with you, you’re talking at them.     Freight prospects are usually silent when they feel overwhelmed with information.  Freight prospects may be reticent as well when they feel you’re not interested in them.  To ensure your prospect converses with you, be as amicable as possible.  Always smile and make eye contact with them.  Know your prospect’s name and use it throughout your conversations to demonstrate that you don’t view them in a generic way.

Your Comments Apply To Anybody

Another indication that you’re talking at your freight prospects is making statements that apply to anybody.  Conversing in a generic manner creates the impression that you’re reciting a script you memorized rather than interacting with prospects based on the unique information they provide. To correct this blunder, listen carefully to the statements made by your freight prospects.  Collect as much information as possible while engaging them in a highly personalized, specific conversation. Taking this course of action shows your freight prospects that their unique requirements and perspectives are being acknowledged.

You’re Unable To Describe Your Prospect’s Freight Challenges

If you’re unable to describe your prospect’s freight challenges, you’re talking at them.  To correct this blunder, collect as much information regarding their freight challenges and difficulties.  Express empathy once you learn what these challenges are.  Also, mind your mobile manners when communicating with prospects.  Freight sales agents who take phone calls, or send text messages during interactions, lose time that could have been used learning more about their shipping challenges.  Many freight prospects interpret this behavior as rude as well.  When this happens, they may cut you off, even if they’re genuinely interested in your freight service.

Optimize Your Freight Sales Connections Today!

Developing the skill of connecting effectively with freight prospects is a must.  Use the information and guidance provided in this quick reference post to ensure that you’re communicating with freight prospects in a relationship-building manner that leads to more loads moved for them!

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