Successful Freight Agents Perform These Routines!

Successful Freight Agents Perform These Routines

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Becoming a successful freight sales agent is challenging.  But, it can be made simple.  Here are just a few routines that successful freight agents do daily.  You can increase your opportunities for success by implementing them into your routine as well!

Freight Agents Prospect Daily!

Contact new freight prospects every day.  Whether it’s a phone call, email, or on sight visit, get your name in front of three new freight prospects every day. When you’re just starting out, you’ll make many more contacts, of course. But make at least three every day, regardless of anything else you do.

Freight Agents Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

When you find a sales technique that works, keep using it.   For example, you may think it’s a bad idea to use the same opening pitch on every freight prospect, but it’s not when it works.  Each freight prospect hears your pitch once.  So, if it works, keep using it.

Freight Agents Identify Great Fits!

Contact freight prospects that give you opportunities to move their freight.  If prospects turn out not to be a good fit for your business after moving several of their loads, then let them go. Attempting to adapt to fit their needs, or getting them to adapt their needs to fit your offering, is an exercise in futility that can only end badly.

Freight Agents Use Current Technology!

Use a great contact manager to keep up with your freight prospects and customers.  Use email as often as you can.  It’s faster than the phone and you have a record of what you and your customer said.  Ask other freight agents what kind of technology they use and what it does for them, and try it.  Find what works for you best and keep up with it!

Freight Agents Balance Quantity & Quality!

You may have customers that are challenging to deal with, but they give you a lot of business.   You may have others who are like old friends, but they don’t give you much business at all. Having a good mix of these two types of freight customers assists you to maintain a good balance.

Freight Agents Use Social Media!

You must use social media to build your freight sales business.  It’s very effective and very inexpensive to keep in touch with existing freight customers, and get the word out to new ones.  An active social media presence requires care and feeding.  Make sure you post frequently about things that are of interest to your customers and prospects mainly.  Maintain your network of friends, followers, and connections to get the word out about your freight services.  Check all your social media networks every day to remain active.

Freight Agents Don’t Jump The Gun!

Don’t assume a freight load is complete until you receive the load and get it picked up.  Many a freight sales career has been derailed by assuming a big deal was in the bag when it wasn’t.  You never know what can happen, so keep on contacting the market place no matter how much freight business you already have.

These routines work for successful freight agents.  Make them part of your daily plan.

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