How You Stop From Staying Broke!

How You Stop From Staying Broke!

Most freight agents just getting started are not in great financial positions.  However, being broke, unfortunately, is the result of a deeply ingrained mindset.  Being broke isn’t your fault, but staying broke is.  Starting at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re destined to stay there.  When you decide to work hard, you will move up the ladder.  To break out of that broken mindset and move towards financial freedom, just follow these rules. Remember, this is a process and not an overnight change.

Convince Prospects Of Your Point Of View

The main tenet of selling freight is convincing prospects of your point of view.  In freight sales, your point of view is that you provide superior freight service compared to the competition.  You must believe that to be true, and then you must convince prospects of that truth.  Then, you must make sure that your point of view is correct.  First, learn how to provide superior service.  Then, prove that you do indeed offer the best freight service.  Put forth that effort to be the best freight sales agent possible.  Then, continually communicate this attitude to others.  Following this rule is the first step towards stopping that pattern of a broken mindset.

Grab The Freight Industry’s Attention

There are many ways to grab the attention of freight prospects.  But, no other way compares to just getting on the phone.  Contact as many prospects possible and ask them insightful, high-value questions.  Speak with the decision-makers only, and repeat this procedure over and over. The more contacts you add daily, the more you’ll grab that attention and ultimately move more freight.

Stay Persistent With Freight Prospects

The #1 rule to follow for any freight business is persistence.  If you’re searching for easy money, then freight sales in not for you.  No sales profession is easy and it’s vital to not give up.  It’s absolutely required to follow up with your prospects.  The first contact with a decision-maker is never enough for them to know you or to trust you.  Following up and convincing them of your value is a must.  Most freight sales will ever come from the initial contact.  Rather, sales come from several contacts down the line.  Following up repeatedly and proving your value will ultimately lead to decision-makers allowing you to follow through on your promise of superior service.  The act of persistent follow-through tells your prospects of an important quality you have.  Most freight sales agents they encounter give up after one or two contacts.  Your persistence only assists you in standing out from all the mediocrity.  Freight sales success is not a quick and easy process. Financial success ONLY is the result of your persistent effort.

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