How You Stay Motivated In Freight Sales!

How You Stay Motivated In Freight Sales!

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Today, businesses have more competition than ever, especially stand alone entrepreneurs.  Along with learning management and technology skills, entrepreneurs also require the best ways to stay motivated.  If you’re self-employed, here are the best tips to learn in keeping yourself motivated and staying ahead of your freight sales competition.



To ensure your success, set realistic goals that you know will be accomplished. By doing so, you’ll not only move your business forward, but you’ll gain confidence in your entrepreneurial skills every time you meet or surpass them.


Not only is your time be well-spent by knowing the plan of action you’re taking, you’ll also be better equipped to deal with times of low motivation.  Rather than let temporary setbacks or other challenges bring self-doubt into your thinking process, stick to that plan of action you’ve created, and believe in yourself and your abilities.


If there’s one main skill entrepreneurs require to be successful, it’s the management of their time. Therefore, time blocking your day allows you to get far more accomplished. With your smart phone, you can find numerous apps to download that serve as reminders as to how your time is spent each day.


When you deal with challenges regarding your freight sales business, other entrepreneurs are as well.  So, it’s a great idea to reach out to other freight entrepreneurs in an effort to compare your ideas and issues.  By doing this, you gain new ideas for your business, and also make new friends.


It takes a tremendous amount of time to operate your freight sales business.  So, it’s important to take care of yourself in the process.  Therefore, make sure you get in enough time to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. When you do, you’ll not only stay healthy, but also have the energy required to run your successful freight sales business.


You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression.  So, dress for success to make it happen.  Looking like a million dollars gives you confidence in yourself to think about how it feels to join our millionaire club.


The internet is a seemingly endless supply of information available to freight sales entrepreneurs. Therefore, seek out and read motivational blogs to see how other entrepreneurs have succeeded. By doing so, you’ll wake up each day feeling more inspired – especially when you read my weekly blog updates!  Enter your contact details off to the right on this page to get my regular updates on all of the free freight sales info I provide!


As Thomas Edison has said, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”  When you have this same mentality with your business, you’ll outlast your competition that did quit, and is no longer calling on your freight prospects and customers.

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4 thoughts on “How You Stay Motivated In Freight Sales!

  1. Pam Rogets

    I have been a freight agent for 15 years. I made a rookie mistake I had several small customer and one huge one. I was moving freight out of 7 plants. That keep us so busy there was very little time for sales calls. Back in June I get a email they are kicking broker’s out and only want asset base carriers. So I have landed a few customers and I go to work everyday send out 50 emails and about the same on calls. I am about ready to hang it up every company I call we don’t need any more broker’s. So if you have some advice for me I would love to here it.

  2. Ligson Leader Ndebele

    One think I have learn t very well is that, no matter what happens you must never stop making sales calls or trending on other new avenues, once you get a client that keeps you busy, just regard it as another stepping stone and you must always seek partnerships with other reputable freight companies and then you will be always be in a position to let them to go for a kill if worse goes worse and return they will engage your services.


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