7 Rules To Great Communication

7 Rules To Great Communication

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Communication is one of the golden skills of life in today’s world. 85% of your happiness will come from your relationships with people. This is mainly your friends, family and the people you work with. The higher your ability to communicate with certain individuals in your life, the more you’ll live in this world with ease.So, what are the rules for connecting, contacting and building relationships with your circle of influence. Here they are:

  1. Keep It Honest With Mutual Respect
    • Keep your integrity sacred. Vow that won’t break it. Don’t tell lies. When you hold yourself to this new standard, people feel and sense it off you. Having integrity takes your ability to create rapport to a new level.
  2. Keep It Under Control
    • Don’t get frazzled. When something negative occurs, act as if nothing or little has happened. Appear as though you have everything under control and then get it under control.
  3. Keep It Timed Right
    • Any comedian will tell you that timing is everything. The same line that has the crowd roaring in laughter at one show, can result in a silent audience at another when the delivery is even a second off.
    • Have a sensitivity to the present moment. Is your prospect ready for you to ask for the load? If not, then keep problem solving.
  4. Keep It Positive
    • When there’s a challenge, there’s a natural human tendency to share your drama and chaos. The problem is, your customer typically doesn’t care. All they usually care about is the solution.
    • Give them a solution. Keep it positive always!
  5. Keep It Tactful
    • Don’t speak negatively about anyone or anything. This is a standard professionals insist upon.
  6. Keep it Private
    • When a customer or prospect shares something private, keep it private. Privacy is the most sincere and highest form of trust. Where there’s no privacy, there won’t be any trust. Don’t share it with your friends. Don’t share it with your family or loved ones. What happens on a call, stays on a call.
  7. Keep It Cleaned Up
    • Don’t swear or use dirty words. This is especially true on the telephone where it can be more acceptable to curse than in person. People notice that you keep it clean and they’ll notice how professional you are. When your customers get a call from other agents who curse, you’ll stand out in their minds.


As you’ve seen in these 7 rules for communication, the ultimate action boils down to being professional. Your clients desire to do business with professionals, so give them what they desire! The more you give them the professional freight sales agent they’re searching for, the more they’ll give you what you want. This is the ultimate win-win deal!

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