My Secret Formula For Freight Sales!

I have a highly successful career in freight sales. In addition, I also train many other freight sales agents who have highly successful careers moving freight also.  So, I must have a highly successful Secret Formula for success as well, correct?  A fast and easy magical answer to move more loads and make more money Now?  Think Again and Keep Reading!

This Is My Secret Formula

Freight sales success isn’t a get rich quick scheme.  The formula for success in freight sales is putting forth massive and consistent action over long periods of time.  If that answer disappoints you, then freight sales and brokering is not the profession for you.

Take Massive And Productive Action

It’s Vital that you have Goals, and HUGE Goals at that.  Then you MUST take Massive and Productive Action towards your goals.  Not all action is productive, so use all your time wisely.  Massive and Productive action towards your goals leads to moving more loads and making more money over long periods of time.  My Secret Formula is that simple!

Take Persistent And Consistent Action

It’s Vital that you’re Persistent and Consistent in your Massive and Productive Action also.  This means that you Must be Disciplined.  You must hold yourself to a way higher standard than the rest of society and others in this profession.  You Must set big goals and then drive yourself to achieve them.  Persistence is that key with freight sales because most of your loads won’t move until after you’ve contacted your initial freight prospects many times over.  Most beginning and novice freight sales agents give up after a few calls.  You Must display Discipline and Drive to contact prospects again and again.  Disciplined, Persistent, and Consistent Action are the main ingredients that lead to moving more loads and making more money!  My Secret Formula is that simple!

Categories Of Action In Freight Sales:

Do Nothing = Failure

It’s obvious that if you don’t take any action in any capacity, you WILL fail in this profession, and in life – it’s guaranteed!  This is not a profession you succeed in without putting in massive amounts of time and effort consistently.  Doing nothing is also the same as putting in effort, but not productive effort, and that leads to failure as well.

Retreat Backward = Failure

When something challenging in life, or this profession happens, many freight sales agents react by retreating.  When you stumble and retreat, you fall off any road to success you’ve been building.  There are ways to handle setbacks in any type of sales, but retreating into a hole or depression, only leads to failure.

Take Normal Action = Average Results

When you exert a normal level of effort, you won’t fail as if you do nothing or retreat. However, your results will only be average, or middle of the road at best.  You’ll pay your bills, as if you have a regular job all right.  But, you won’t have the massive success and top tier income that you truly desire moving freight.

Take Massive Levels of Action = SUCCESS

Massive Action leads to Massive Success.  That’s My Secret Formula.  In Simpler Terms: Exert ten times as much as you feel is normal.  Get more contacts, make more follow-up calls, put in the work!  Massive, Productive, Consistent and Persistent action guarantees the same in results.   You’ll receive Massive Success after taking Massive Action!                 


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