How To Scare Freight Prospects Away!

How To Scare Freight Prospects Away!

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Your freight prospect may as well be piloting a yacht in the Bermuda triangle because you scare them and their freight business away. Here’s How You Do It!

Call Or Email Way Too Often

Too many freight sales agents contact their prospects within one call of a restraining order. Everyone appreciates persistence, but contrary to my Freight Sales Success Guide, not everyone secretly salivates over timeshares.  So, stagger your calls and emails weekly.  Call at different times to avoid black holes in the customer’s schedule.  Always send weekly follow up contacts to your forgotten prospects as well.  Target the shipping decision-maker always, and use every tool in your arsenal – phone, text, YouTube, and  e-mail, to qualify or disqualify your freight prospects early in the pipeline.

Don’t Allow Them To Put You On Their Freight List

In the words of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens: You go 90, they go 10.  You can prod and cajole ’till you exhaust the English language, but once you stake out your call to action, shut up.  Continue your phone and email follow up weekly. He who speaks first, loses.

Don’t Personalize Your Messages 

In this age of 24/7 social media, freight prospects and customers expect personalization. They have little patience for automated voice messages or direct marketing.  Instead, pay specific attention to your freight prospect.  What is it that they do and discuss those work routines when you contact them weekly?  Discuss what you specifically know about their products.  And most importantly, end your correspondence with home grown human words like “Thank you!” or “Thanks!”

Don’t Provide Any Value 

Your freight prospects face a daily hurricane of data and noise from Facebook, LinkedIn, texts, voice mails, billboards and magazines.  Your job isn’t to bombard them with another option; it’s to assist them to make the decision to utilize your freight serviceSo, rather than the dreaded generic follow-up call, why not direct them to a how-to blog post, an online forum or a webinar?  Highlight the difference between your freight service and the broker they’re currently utilizing.  Give them concrete reasons why you must be moving their freight and not someone else!

Don’t Provide Clear Information 

A freight sales agent is half inspirational speaker, half Encyclopedia and half prophet.  That’s why freight sales can be challenging.  Ignoring any one of these categories alienates your freight prospects.  Did you use concise and correct grammar?  Did you communicate hard information?  Did you anticipate questions about truck no-shows, pick-ups, deliveries, returns or freight damages?

Use Hard Closing Tactics 

Don’t ever back a lion into a corner!  Abraham Lincoln said it best: “A drop of honey gathers more flies than a bucket of gall.”  Some experienced freight sales agents with an e-book to sell, have puffed up hard closing tactics.  Here in the real world, the Puppy Dog sell and the Freemium sell boast better closing rates.

Ask For Too Much Too Soon

Every salesperson is guilty of visions of sugar plums and commissions dancing through their heads, however, don’t ask for the close until you’ve addressed your freight prospects’ requirements first.  Show them first, when they give you the opportunity, that you have to ability to solve their nagging shipping challenges!

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-Ted Keyes

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