Phrases That Kill Freight Sales Relationships

Phrases That Kill Freight Sales Relationships

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Successful freight sales agents pay attention to details. They’re direct, forceful and articulate. They know that freight prospects see through a sales pitch that contains fancy words to make themselves seem important or knowledgeable.

The cliché terms discussed here actually undermine a freight sales agent’s credibility. Every word said to a freight prospect bolsters or weakens credibility.  Top freight sales agents choose their words carefully and avoid the following phrases:

1) “Trust Me.”

Using this phrase is a passive-aggressive way to ask for trust. When trust exists between you and your prospects, there’s no need to use the phrase.  Using this phrase is condescending, believe it or not.

Your prospects will get the impression that you glossed over something you didn’t want to explain or something you’re unsure of.  This deflective tactic only arouses suspicion in your prospects.  They want to feel you’re on their side and the suspicion of a double-crosser is hard to live down.

Language is no replacement for trustworthiness. Waldo Emerson said, “Who you are, speaks so loudly, I can hear what you are saying.” People that trust you believe in you, form a bond with you, and buy what you’re selling.

2) “To Be Honest…”

The use of this phrase has even more challenges than asking a prospect to trust you. This phrase makes your prospect feel you were not honest when your conversation began. Honesty is just as important to explicitly address as trust. Your prospects require honesty from the beginning. Calling attention to being honest at any point of your conversation throws the entire exchange into a suspicious light.

When you feel the need to assert your honestly, it subtly reduces your personal credibility. It’s a phrase that introduces misgivings. What you actually want to say is ‘to be blunt’ when attempting to emphasize a fact.

3) “I Think/Hope We Can Do That.”

This phrase leaves your freight prospect wondering whether you will or won’t pick up or deliver their freight. It’s acceptable to be uncertain about how to answer a specific question.  First, acknowledge that your prospect asked an interesting question to begin with. Then, let your prospect know you’ll get them their answer then plan on sending them your follow-up resources.

Responding with a quick answer that’s incorrect only undermines your freight sales skills. An incorrect answer damages your authority more than asking your prospect to wait a short time for the correct answer. When attempting to make a good impression, ‘hope’ is a term for things that are not likely to happen.

4) “Are You the Decision Maker?”

This question is offensive. Anyone asking it is lacking in sales skills. A prospect who’s not in the position to make that decision may feel uncomfortable. The question implies that this individual is not worth listening to. It’s short-sighted.

Identifying with who makes the freight moving decisions is one of the hardest sales skills to learn. Often, there are gatekeepers between you and the ultimate decision maker. The more pleasant you are to the gatekeeper, the higher your probability of actually getting through the gate. individuals to whom you speak may be in charge of logistics that involve many other people.

The ideal question to ask is: “Is anyone else also a part of this decision-making process.” The ‘also’ acknowledges that the person you address has some importance and influence.

5) Saying Or Using Freight Industry Jargon or Acronyms

As a successful freight sales agent, you know all about your industry. The inside language and logistics are familiar to you as well. Phrases and acronyms are often foreign to prospects, however.  Always explain freight concepts in a simple way. Freight industry jargon often confuses many potential prospects and customers listening to you.

Deals are at risk when you choose words sloppily. Aim to be forthright, honest, and open.  Avoid phrases and words that endanger the relationship between you and your prospects.

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