Rejection Is A Gift

If there’s one topic I have the credibility to talk about, it’s Rejection. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve faced many ups, downs, wins and losses. Typically, the downs are more than the ups. So, I’ve faced rejection after rejection on my journey, however, without those rejections, my successes wouldn’t have been possible.

Rejection has historically been viewed as a form of failure. However, think of how many times you’ve felt that your performance was good enough, only to find yourself looking for the answers to your unexpected rejection or failure? Rejection is one of the most brutal stakes to the heart because it can be a direct hit to our ego. There are few experiences more painful than the feeling of being rejected.

Rejections humble us for this very reason. Ever see child actors throw their lives away with alcohol or drugs? That’s what happens when your ego gets too large. Accepting rejection and learning from it typically strengthens your personality, which in turn makes it possible for you to safely reach your next level of success.

Why We Dislike Rejection

Dealing with rejection can be a challenge. Most folks would choose physical pain over being rejected. The reason why is our basic requirement of fitting in. When we get rejected, our subconscious mind, the medulla, believes a group is rejecting us and that we’re being kicked out. Thousands of years ago, being kicked out of a tribe was paramount to death.

The Moat Around Your Castle

Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us the opportunity to show how badly we desire something. Be happy that you have to push through rejection in order to attain success. If it was easy, everybody would be a freight sales agent!

Rejection is the moat around your castle. The force that protects your success. Most people will never make it to the inside of the castle. The question is, will you?

The Benefits Of Rejection

  1. Being rejected can fire you up by giving you something to prove
    • After Harrison Ford’s first film, he was told that he didn’t have what it took to be a movie star. He used that to motivate himself to work harder.
  2. It makes you work harder
    • The pain of rejection is energy for your soul. Pain is extremely motivating. Don’t fight it. Use it to your advantage!
  3. It develops your character
    • Winston Churchill said Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss in enthusiasm. It takes strong character with virtues of perseverance, positivity, resilience, self-efficacy, strength, work ethic and courage to maintain enthusiasm as you battle rejection.
  4. It builds strength
    • Not everyone can handle rejection. When you become strong enough to handle it, you’ll receive the many rewards of success.

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