How To Recover From Lousy Freight Sales Calls!

How To Recover From Lousy Freight Sales Calls!

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Every freight sales agent has them – sales call slam-dunks, but everything goes wrong and you end up empty-handed.  Perhaps you mistook the shipping decision maker for the gatekeeper, and insulted them in the process.  Or, you misunderstood their challenges and gave them solutions that weren’t appropriate for their requirements. Whatever the reason, lousy freight sales calls can get you off track when you allow them to.  Here are ways to put them behind you and get back to moving more freight.

 Create Some Distance

Step back and take a closer look at the call.  Rather than beating yourself up over what went wrong, consider what you’ll do right next time.  Has your pre-call routine gotten stale and too comfortable?  Then, shake it up!  For example, set an alarm in your phone that has the name of your freight prospect, and their assistant, so that’s the last thing you see before you dial their number.

Reset Your Mind

It’s way too easy to get stuck in a freight sales rut.  After all, you explain your wonderful freight service over and over, and you stop hearing yourself after a while.  A poor freight sales call can be a signal that it’s time to take a new approach.  Go over your freight sales presentation with me sometime.  I’ll observe what you can do to make your next calls different and better.  It just might be time to retire some of those old jokes, and come up with more effective sales methods.  Or, you must focus on listening more and talking less.  Either way, a mental reset goes a long way!

Realize What Went Wrong

Analyze what happened on the botched call, and wait until you’ve had another successful one.  It’ll be easier to be objective once you’ve gotten back at it.  Take a good, hard look at the one that got away so you won’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.  Don’t let one bad sales call get you down, and learn from the experience.  You’re not going to get the load every time.  A careful analysis of unsuccessful calls, and making the required changes, always leads to a higher winning percentage over time.

Get Moving To Your Next Call

When you finish a freight sales call that doesn’t go the way you want, it’s very important that your next call be successful.  Think back to when you started in the freight sales business.  How did you prepare for that first call?  Bring back that same preparedness, as well as a level of nervousness, because they work in our favor.  The adrenaline our bodies produce makes us sharper and more focused to get back into that mode you were in originally when you made the first calls.

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