Reasons To Call Your Freight Prospects

Reasons To Call Your Freight Prospects

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There are no shortcuts in freight sales. Optimizing your sales takes hard work and consistency. It’s typically a couple of months from the start before you even see any positive results.

One of those rare short-term techniques that often goes overlooked is giving your customers and prospects a fresh “Reason to Call,” or in the world of email, “Reasons to Contact” (RTCs).

For some of your freight prospects, it’ll take a while before they give you the opportunity to move their freight, however, that’s not the case with everybody. Some prospects will give you the opportunity right away. They’re all different and you’re different. Remember, you’re a new comer that’s attempting to get yourself into their timeframe. Some will like you. Some won’t. For the ones that don’t, you have to come up with reasons to call them.

What’s an RTC?

You can think of an RTC as a mini campaign. It’s a new reason to call your prospects, or, a fresh new method to use on the phone with them.  Successful Freight Sales Agents love and use RTCs to reinvigorate their approach of outbound calling and emailing.

Why Use RTCs?

Successful freight sales agents get into a groove.  They get their story or script down and they reiterate it with every conversation.  But after a while, even the best freight sales agent will fall into a rut, and their conversations start to sound stale.

Once a freight sales agent starts going down this slippery slope, their confidence and conviction often take a nosedive. This happens most often with follow-up calls, where they aren’t as persistent as they should be because they don’t have a good enough reason to call their prospects again.

Some top freight sales agents will go back to the drawing board and rewrite their pitch to sound fresh. Others get “creative” with the pitch they have. This is where you’ll see outright deceptive sales tactics come into play as metrics get exaggerated, and false stories spun.  Very quickly the pitch starts to sound like a tall tale.

You start making stuff up. You start saying things that aren’t true. You start drawing this grand picture that most prospects and customers won’t believe.

It’s also worth noting that feeling “stale” is at least 50% percent mental. The freight sales agent may not in fact sound stale. It may just be their perception.

Five Fresh RTCs That Give You A New Purpose

Regardless of whether your pitch has indeed outlived its usefulness or you simply feel it has, you can head negative situations off at the pass with better RTCs. When you have something fresh to say, your confidence goes way up.

Here are five examples of more interesting RTCs:

1. Breaking Industry News

Just google the company you’re calling. Something will come up in the results and you can share this industry news with them.

Example: “I came across this article, and I thought you might find it useful.”

2. New Customer Stories

Example: “We just moved some freight for Customer X, and I thought you might find it interesting because they’re similar to you in Y and Z ways.”

3. New Prospect Data

Example: “The first time that we spoke you mentioned you wanted proof that our freight service is exceptional.  Here are some more recent stats.”

4. Upcoming Nearby Events

Example: “I’m heading to X location for Y conference and thought it would be a good opportunity to grab a coffee with you.”

5. Inbound Marketing

Example: “I noticed you opened our white paper on X and I thought I could assist you to better understand how our freight service will benefit you.”

These are 5 RTC’s to contact a prospect in a new and invigorating way. You’re not calling to say you’re just touching base.  Strike that from your vocabulary. You’re actually calling with valid information to share with them.

When somebody calls us and gives us information on ourselves, that tells us they’re taking an interest. They’re actually going through the process of expending energy to get information on us.

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