Reacting To Challenging Freight Prospecting Calls

Reacting To Challenging Freight Prospecting Calls

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Calling and building relationships with prospects is the main requirement of our profession. While we like to think that we’re great at this skill, making successful prospecting calls can often be one of the most challenging requirements. Placing a poor one can sometimes make us feel frustrated and discouraged. So, what do you do when you have a poor prospecting call?

Was it that you didn’t get the response you were seeking? Or, did you come across as being unknowledgeable as you actually are?  Did you fumble your figures? Whatever the situation, don’t panic!  We often learn more from our mistakes than when things go well.

Get Some Distance

A good way to assist your mind break out of a challenging situation is to literally change the physical area where you are. Get up from your desk and go have a cup of coffee. Or, take a walk around the office and get a breath of fresh air. Move the focus of your mind onto something else. Just don’t stay away from the phone too long – no more than 5 minutes.

By removing yourself from the challenging call, you’re sending a strong message to your brain to recuperate, and your next call will be much better.

Reset Your Mind

Take a couple of minutes to reset your mind. Again, get away from your desk, or watch a funny YouTube video. Anything to take your mind off the call you just made, and allow yourself to reset. However, remember to confine your break to just a couple of minutes.

Bounce Back Quickly

In the same way professional athletes bounce back from poor performances, we must learn how to do this as well. There are lessons that must be learned from challenging prospecting calls. However, don’t focus on the negatives.

Remember – your next call has nothing to do with the one you just made. Your next call is a fresh start, a new customer and a new opportunity. Get back on your horse and make the next call your best one yet!

What Went Wrong

Nobody arrived anywhere by doing everything ‘perfectly’. It’s only right that you learn from your mistakes and figure out what went wrong. Give yourself a little time to reflect on that. Note some of your observations shortly after the calls. Remain calm and observe what your notes say. Also, re-listen to your calls if you recorded them.

Everybody makes mistakes, and, in the world of freight sales, it’s no different. What’s important is how you recover from those mistakes, and learn how not to let them happen again.

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