Preparing Effective Freight Sales Calls

blog_image_-preparing_effective_freight_sales_calls_250As great freight sales agents, we know that qualified prospects will eventually utilize our freight services.  That’s why it’s great to know how to make an effective, initial sales call.  It’s not about tricking prospects into buying our freight services.  It’s about demonstrating to them how we’ll solve their shipping challenges.

When it comes to making successful sales calls, it’s all about your preparation. You must be ready to address your freight prospects specifically along with their particular challenges.      So, how do you prepare for an effective and successful sales call:

  1. Do Your Research – Don’t just call your prospects out of the blue without knowing anything about them. Calling a freight prospect without doing any initial research on them is only saying that “I didn’t feel that you were important enough for me to take an interest and do any research on you”.  Every first sales call is important, so show it.
  2. Call Your Prospects’ Sales Department – As part of your research, call your prospect’s sales department. They’re typically more than happy to talk about their company, as well as where it’s going and what the future holds.  From this free information, you’ll be able to ascertain what challenges they’re facing now and will face in the future.
  3. How Can You Assist Specifically – Now that you’re understanding more about your prospect’s challenges, figure out how you, as a great freight agent, can assist them in particular. Remember, it’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM – their COMPANY, their CHALLENGES, their REQUIREMENTS, their CONTACT INFO and your SOLUTIONS.
  4. Build Rapport – Freight prospects are usually happier buying from their friends, or individuals whom they feel they have something in common with. Find common ground with your prospects – a subject which you’re both interested in.  It could be anything just to start building rapport.  Show them that you care, and that you’re not out there just to move another freight load.
  5. During Your Calls – Prospects love to talk about themselves. Another way to show that you care is by asking them about themselves.  Listen intently and react to anything that seems appropriate – and do your best to not interrupt them from talking!  Now, you can use all of your preparation and research that you did to have a constructive, attentive, and well thought out conversation, with great results for the both of you.
  6. After Your Calls – After you’ve carefully initiated your sales call, it’s important to follow through with what you’ve promised. Actions always speak louder than words.  Now show your future customers that you’re as good as you say you are.

The main key to an effective freight sales call is your preparation.  Prove to your potential customers that you desire to assist them and their business, and not just move their loads.

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