These Freight Sales Strategies Get Results!


Fact: Successful freight sales prospecting, with the telephone, is WAY more effective than email prospecting.  Why?  Because many of your freight sales competitors focus on email prospecting, and neglect the telephone’s tremendous value.  So, here are  strategies to develop, ensuring your freight sales phone skills are up to snuff.  These are key to developing an unstoppable phone prospecting pipeline.  Start using them today and you’ll soon crush your freight sales goals using the telephone – and not the computer.

Listen Below To Find Out what they are and then call me at 626-309-9141 with any questions.  Or, enter your contact details on the right >>>, to join OUR top producing freight sales team! I’ll await your contact either way and then EXPLODE your freight sales business!


One thought on “These Freight Sales Strategies Get Results!

  1. Joe

    Great advice Ted but what about actually moving your customers freight. Example – Lets say you have 50 loads per day but you aren’t able to move any or only 1 or 2 a day. What’s your advice for actually selling loads to carriers and building relationships with carriers.


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