How To UNBOLT From Your Comfort Zone!

When you host a party, you become an extrovert to keep the guests happy – correct?  When you’re a guest at a party, you become the introvert.  When I motivate and educate, like I’m doing right now, I become an extrovert to deliver you my information.  But when I go to talks and seminars as a guest, I’m much more introverted – Hmmm. So, how do you become an extrovert in freight sales when you’re so naturally comfortable being an introvert? The following action steps will get you UNBOLTED from your Comfort Zone and get you connecting with the freight market place today!

So, listen below and call me at 626-309-9141 with any questions.  Or, enter your contact details on the right >>>, to join OUR top producing freight sales team!  Contact me either way to EXPLODE your freight sales business!


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