Phrases Successful Freight Sales Agents Won’t Say!

Phrases Successful Freight Sales Agents Won't Say!

In freight sales, what you say is vital.  Closing the sale and moving the freight has everything to do with using the right words.  Saying the right words matter, and not saying the wrong thing matters even more.  Here are 9 phrases you won’t hear a successful freight sales agent say, and suggestions of what you’re to say instead.

1. “You Look Tired.”

Say instead: “Is Everything Good?”

You may think this phrase sounds sympathetic, but to most freight prospects, it sounds like a big insult. Looking tired means looking bad.  Asking instead how they are doing shows a genuine caring interest.

2. “Wow, You’ve Lost A Ton Of Weight!”

Instead say: “Wow, You Look Fantastic!”

It’s meant as a compliment, and it may well be true, but this phrase suggests that your freight prospect used to look less than attractive, or you thought they were overweight.  Keep it simple and truly complimentary.

3. “You Were Too Good For Them Anyway.”

Instead say: “Their Loss!”

If it’s meant as a compliment, this implies something negative.  This phrase suggests that you thought your freight prospect made a bad decision in their relationship in the first place, or they had bad taste. Keep it positive.

4. “You Always…” or “You Never…”

Instead say: “It Appears That You Do This Often.” or “You Do This Enough For Me To Notice.”

Phrases like this usually put freight prospects on the defensive and that’s never a good position when you’re attempting to move their freight.  Besides, no one is so one dimensional as to “always” or “never” do anything!

5. “You Look Great For Your Age.”

Instead say: “You Look Great.”

Never, ever qualify a compliment! It’s rude and never feels good to hear. The compliment part doesn’t get through to the person when there is a qualifier. Just be genuine and direct.

6. “As I Said Before…”

Instead say: “Do You Remember What I Said Earlier About…”

The former sounds as if you’re suggesting your freight prospect is forgetful or doesn’t pay attention. It also makes you sound insecure or condescending.

7. “Good Luck.”

Instead say: “I Know You Have What It Takes.”

This isn’t the worst phrase to use, but the alternate phrase is a better choice.  It gives a confidence boost after your freight prospect hears it.

8. “It’s Up To You.” or “Whatever You Want.”

Instead say: “I Don’t Have A Strong Opinion Either Way, But A Couple Things To Consider Are…”

The alternate phrase adds your informed opinion to the discussion while also making clear that their opinion matters as well.

9. “Well, At Least I Never ___.”

Instead say: “I Apologize For…”

If you’ve screwed up, never defensively try to point to the errors of someone else. Just genuinely and directly apologize for your own ineptness.

These distinctions are subtle.  However, they make all the difference while becoming a successful freight sales agent. Always speak with care.

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