5 Phone TIPS for Freight Agent Success

5 Phone TIPS for Freight Agent SuccessFail Forward

Fail forward and fail quickly because we learn some of our best lessons by failing. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get the contact, client or load. Ask yourself, What can I learn from that? Take what you’ve learned and make adjustments on your next call.

Those that count their only failures on one hand, list small successes on the other

There is No Best Time to Call, Call Now!

Some try to strategize and plan their calls for when they think a decision maker will answer. This is always a poor choice. Any assumption you make about availability of your potential contact will have no basis in fact because you don’t know the kind of day they are having or their schedule.

Don’t try to figure it out, get on the phone now or you won’t reach anybody and if they don’t answer, make sure you leave a message.

Simple, Professional Voice Mail

Outgoing: Message to prospects and future customers when you reach their voice mail:

Make it really simple and quick. Don’t leave details regarding the purpose of your call. Just ask for the call back. Make it sound like the two of you have spoken before.

Tom, Hi, it’s Ted Keyes from Logistic Dynamics. Call me @ 626-309-9141. Its 11 o’clock your time, Thanks.

Keep leaving this same message only until somebody speaks to you.

Incoming: Message to incoming callers after hours on the main business line

The message should be short and sweet and easy to listen to and understand.

Hello and welcome. You’ve reached Logistic Dynamics @ 626-309-9141. Our normal business hours are 8am to 6pm EST. Leave your name and number twice. Again, leave your name and number twice and we will return your call during normal business hours. Thank you.

Make One More Call

Every day, just make one more extra call at the end of the day. Attempt to pass yesterday’s goal. Top performers make that extra call which gets extra contact and a new credit applications.

Try to make one more call than the day before.

Don’t Judge Your Success

Success is not solely the result of sales. It’s you successfully connecting with the market place.

Continually analyze your calling attempts. People in the steel industry are not the same as people in the lumber and plastics industry. Get the lingo of the industry you are calling. The more you ask successfully the more you will receive.

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