The ONLY Time To Stop Calling Prospects Is…

The ONLY Time To Stop Calling Prospects Is

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It’s Monday morning.You’re ready to start relating and engaging with the marketplace, reaching out to new prospects, making your three new contacts and following up with your previous customers. Wait a minute. You look through your notes of this one prospect you’re about to call and you realize that this will be the eleventh time you’ve made contact with them.

Eleven times! you say to yourself. That’s too many times. If I haven’t moved their freight by now, I’m NEVER going to. So, you talk yourself out of making the next call that gets your first load with them.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Have you ever started to call a prospect, and then stopped, because you didn’t want to contact them yet again? Do you talk yourself out of calls you must make, but you don’t because you think you’re annoying your prospects? There’s an easy solution to this challenge. Your solution is a hard rule. It’s an exact rule for when to stop contacting a prospect. Keep reading…

Stop Calling When They Tell You To STOP Calling!

That’s it. From now on, you’re calling all of your prospects again and again (in a friendly, value-adding, problem-solving way of course) unless they tell you to stop calling.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of your prospects.

When you call, most won’t buy from you right there and then. Why? There are many reasons:

  1. They’re happy with their current freight agent, or
  2. They’re not busy at the time you’re calling, or
  3. Etc., etc., etc.

Just because they’re not ready to use you today, doesn’t mean they won’t be ready to use you in the future.

Get Your Ego Out Of It

You may feel like you’re annoying your prospects with your continual calling. The reality is that you aren’t as memorable as you may think. People in business are very BUSY just like you.

5 minutes after your call, the memory of your phone call is a distant memory for them.

Making many calls may feel like a lot to you, but it only feels like a couple to them.

Your Sweet Spot

Only 20% of sales are made within the first 4 contacts. The other 80% of sales are made between the FIFTH and TWELFTH contact! That’s your sweet spot! If it seems unrealistic to call again and again, and then stopping and removing a prospect from your contact list when they tell you, at least ensures you made the effort and you’re improving your contacting skills. However, as you approach that 12th follow up contact, you’re giving yourself a HUGE opportunity of moving your first load with each and every prospect. So keep calling!


There’s only 1 time to stop contacting a prospect and that is ONLY when they tell you to stop! Stick to this hard rule. Stop talking yourself out of calls you must make, and start moving more freight starting today!

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  1. Freight Broker Reviews

    Good stuff. I would add that even if they tell you to stop calling, tell them that you understand that they do not need your services right now but ask them if you can call back in 3 or 6 months to see if their shipping needs have changed. Also, ask them to please keep your contact info in the meantime in case their shipping needs change.


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