How DOING NOTHING Creates Freight Sales!

If you’re reading this because the idea of moving more loads and making more money, while doing nothing sounds appealing, you’ll be disappointed.  So, how does doing nothing create more freight sales?  It doesn’t.  When you exert no effort towards reaching your freight sales goals, you won’t see any results – it’s that simple!

Doing Nothing Takes The Same Energy

You may think Doing Nothing is easy.  It might be easier than putting in serious effort every day, but it takes energy to Do Nothing.  It takes up valuable mental real estate to remain in a static place and not move forward in any way.  This is because doing nothing means no results, and no results means struggling with your self-worth.  How do you look at yourself in the mirror?  How do you explain to your loved ones why you’re in this situation?  How do you even explain to yourself how you’ve let yourself get in, and stay in this situation?

So Put Your Energy To Use With Massive Action

So, shift that mental energy you’re putting into doing nothing, and funnel it into Massive Action!  Taking Massive Action has the opposite effect of Doing Nothing.  Taking Massive Action fuels your self-worth in positive ways.  You’ll be proud of your efforts.  You’ll be proud to tell your loved ones about the energy you’ve been putting in toward your freight business.  Your actions will lead to great results and make you feel so much better.  It won’t happen overnight, but action over time ALWAYS lead to great results.  Consistent action every day leads to life-changing results.  Massive action over time leads to exponential results.  Massive freight sales is extremely lucrative, but you’ll only get there through Massive Action.

Doing Something Can Be Doing Nothing

You’re putting in effort, so you’re not doing nothing, right?  Sometimes doing the bare minimum is just as bad as doing nothing.  Are you making a few calls each day?  Better than no calls, right?  Is it getting you anywhere?  Do you have a few customers that you’re consistently moving loads with?  Are you happy with the income you’re making from those few customers?  Is that good enough for you?  What if that customer leaves?  Then what do you do?

If you’re satisfied where you are, that’s fine.  But, be aware that there’s no security there.  You MUST be prepared for the What Ifs.  Your bare minimum effort can be as bad as no effort at all.

When you take massive action, you’re prepared for the what ifs.  You won’t scramble when you lose those few loads.  You have more customers and more loads moving now.  You MUST continually pursue new prospects daily and weekly.  If you want to move more loads and make more money, you MUST keep pursuing that level of success.  So, set big goals and keep pushing to reach them.

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  1. Les Truppner

    Yessssss Ted and you’ve gotten me out from in front of the TV and now in front of my computer. I Relish the day I am on the phone making contacts and building my business.


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