How To NOT Converse With Freight Prospects!

You would think that talking about your freight service is the best way to move lots of freight.  After all, how can freight prospects decide to use your service unless they know what they’re paying for?  These five signs indicate that it’s time to let your prospect take center stage.  Then close your mouth and keep it shut!

When You Talk Over Half The Conversation

If you’re talking more than half the conversation, that’s a sign that you don’t know how to listen.  Listening is a VITAL skill in freight sales because the future sale is never about you!  Listening gives you the information required to be of value to your prospect.  The majority of your part of the conversation must be asking questions.  Ideally, you won’t take up half of the conversation anyway.  Let the prospect do most of the talking and listen closely to what they reveal to you.

When You Tell More Than You Ask Questions

Asking questions is your main priority in every conversation.  You may think that telling your prospect all about you and your freight service is the main priority, but a sales pitch is not going to get you the results.  Let the prospect do all of the telling instead.  For a much better outcome, focus on asking thoughtful and relevant questions that reveal their shipping pains.

When Your Prospect Isn’t Conversing Back With You

If a prospect isn’t conversing back with you, then you’re are talking too much. We all know what it’s like to converse with someone who’s loud and controls the conversation.  If your prospect isn’t saying much, then you’re that obnoxious idiot!  Get in the habit of always pausing conversations to ask questions, and give the prospect an opening to converse back with you.

When Your Statements Apply To Anyone

Question: Why are conversations about the weather so boring?

Answer: Because they’re impersonal and can take place between any two people.

Never rely on generic statements and questions to get you through a call.  These topics are boring and it’s rare for either party to care about them anyway.  Instead, do your research be fully prepared for each conversation.  Avoid conversation topics that can apply to anyone.  Make it clear you recognize that you’re talking to a unique individual with unique freight and shipping needs.

When You Don’t Pinpoint Prospects’ Challenges

Your number one priority with freight prospects is to pinpoint their shipping challenges. Your goal is to discover their pain points to understand how you can assist them. When you talk too much, rely on generic conversation topics, and don’t ask enough questions, you’re guaranteeing there won’t be a sale. You MUST pinpoint your prospect’s challenges and come up with solutions for those challenges.  Again, your priority is not to sell yourself and your services.  Your priority is not to make a great sales pitch.  Your main priority is to ask questions, allow your prospect to do most of the talking, and listen to answers.  Once you pinpoint their challenges, then offer them value by providing solutions.  That’s what ultimately gets you their loads to move.

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