Never Follow-Up With This Phrase!

blog_image_never_follow_up_with_this_phrase_250In the follow-up phases of your initial relationship building, don’t ever say to a freight prospect, “I’m just touching base”.

The success of your follow-up calls are in direct proportion to the success of your previous calls.  During those first calls, freight sales agents must always make sure to nail down what happens next before hanging up the phone.  This involves getting a commitment that both you and your prospect will do something as a result of your last call.

After you’ve established those clear next steps in your first conversation, then follow up with:

“I’m calling to continue our conversation from last week where we discussed moving your bulk freight.  You were going to review the information I sent you.  Did you have any questions on the information, and based on that, will you put me on your email freight list?”

Again, this is a great way to follow up after your first conversation.  You’re not calling to say your just touching base.  You’re calling with actual information to remind them, and also to share with them.

On your follow-up calls, it’s important to know that your prospects are likely not doing any pre-call planning like you.  Therefore, don’t assume they’re in the same frame of mind as you when the time for your call rolls around.  Don’t expect them to remember the first call that you had with them either.

Actually, assume they won’t even remember you at all.  Then make a point to briefly review where you left the previous conversation:

“The last time we spoke, you showed interest in our freight service.  I’m calling to continue our conversation from last week where we had discussed moving your freight, and you were going to….”

By following these simple rules, you’ll never have to “touch base” with your freight prospects.

Let’s keep “touching base” on the baseball and softball fields, and not on our freight sales follow up calls.


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