5 Ways To Never, Ever Give Up


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The biggest cause of failure in the freight sales profession is giving up. Fortunately, YOU can become that person who doesn’t give up. Everything in life is initially challenging before it becomes easier and shipping freight is no exception. It’ll be challenging to form a foundation, make your calls, build relationships and receive loads at the start. As you gain success over time, however, it becomes easy and fun.

The challenge is: Giving up after the start keeps you from receiving the rewards that come when it gets easier. The biggest mistake you can make is start something, hit a few road blocks right away, and then give up before it gets any easier. That’s a total waste of time!

What’s fantastic about the freight industry is when you make the commitment to NEVER EVER give up, you can’t help but be a success. When you learn our system, you’ll achieve all of your business, career and financial goals. It all begins with promising yourself that you’ll stay the course and not divert.

Why would you give up anyway? You wouldn’t give up eating, you wouldn’t give up sleeping and you wouldn’t give up waking up in the morning. So, then, why would you give up on your goals and dreams?

Why Do We Give Up?

You may be thinking: Well Ted, it’s easy for you to say ‘Never give up’ when you’re a successful entrepreneur! Everything I’ve ever attempted has failed!

That’s a key point for this topic: The reason we give up is because we’ve allowed so many other attempts at success to fail. After enough experiences with attempting something numerous times and allowing it to fail, we begin to associate our dreams with failure and disappointment.

The lies we here in our mind keep telling us that we’re going to fail anyway, so we might as well give up now.

What’s the solution? How do you break this pattern of failure and train your mind to never give up. Here are five steps:

  1. Stay Focused
    • Success speaker Tony Robbins says Where focus goes, emotion flows. What you focus on – the thoughts you choose – decide your emotions. When you focus on how challenging your situation is, you’ll feel overwhelmed and frustrated. On the other hand, when you focus on the possibilities, and the rewards of persevering, you’ll feel motivated, excited and ready to work. Stay focused and you’ll finish anything.
  2. Stay Positive
    • It may take weeks, months or years to achieve your goals. That’s why you must give yourself permission to be happy with making small progress. Each day, focus on doing just a little more than the day before and enjoy all your little victories along the way.
  3. Have A Great Support Network
    • You’ll have setbacks on the way to your goals – guaranteed. You’ll have setbacks today and this week. The average person has a crisis once every three months! Don’t avoid these challenges and setbacks. Build up a support network of people who’ll assist you when these challenges do come up.
    • These can be other freight agents or just great friends whom you can confide with. Just make sure they’re on board with your goals. When you have a support network that understands where you’re going, it gives you the strength and energy to overcome your setbacks.
  4. Seek Out Ways To Assist Others
    • When you focus on what can I get you tire yourself out. Then you make yourself feel like a victim when you don’t get what you want. Instead, focus on “What can I GIVE”. When you focus on giving and ensuring other people get what they want, you’ll inevitably get what YOU want and feel happier along the way.
  5. Have Faith
    • Finally, have Faith. Not faith where you delude yourself into thinking that everything will be grand even when you never put in the work. It’s having faith in the process. My recipe for success in this profession works. The information you learn on my conference calls produces results when you actually apply it. When you stay in this process long enough and hard enough, it’s impossible not to succeed!

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  1. Terryann Gaston

    THIS WAS AMAZING… GREAT TOOLS TO GET THE JOB DONE! I hope to be a part of your team, not only am I motivated for this amazing opportunity for a career, but it is helping me with my personal life!

    Thank you!


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