Why You Must Say:  “I Don’t Understand”!


blog_image_why_you_must_say_250“I Don’t Understand” is a phrase that some freight sales agents are afraid to use.  Some don’t say it for fear of being labeled incompetent.  Others steer clear of it because of personal pride.  They’re determined that they’ll eventually “get it”.  Others just aren’t good at asking for assistance.  So, where do you fit in?  Do you break out in a cold sweat when having to explain to a freight prospect that you don’t understand their freight pricing system?  If so, it doesn’t have to be that serious!

Here’s Why You Must Not Be Afraid To Say These Three Words: “I Don’t Understand!”

It Allows You To Clarify

Letting freight prospects know that you don’t understand the meaning of a comment or phrase allows you to gain clarity on the matter.  It opens the door for your prospect to elaborate.  For example, you can tell your freight prospect that you don’t understand what he meant when he wrote “poor performance” on your review.  He would then have to explain whether you didn’t provide the awesome service you promised, your sales tactics weren’t as refined as he would have liked, or he just didn’t like your attitude.

It Provides Your Opportunity To Follow Up

Saying the phrase allows you to follow up with a freight prospect on a matter in a way that’s calm and collected for everyone.  Use the opportunity to strengthen a relationship or develop a new one.

It Allows Your Knowledge To Increase

Admitting that you lack understanding in a certain area of your freight prospect opens the doors of knowledge to you.  You’ll gain that knowledge only when you apply the new knowledge, however.  If you let that knowledge sit on a shelf and not apply it, then it’s of no value.

It Makes You More Likable

Saying and showing that you don’t understand something about your freight prospect makes you appear more human to them.  Prospects tend to be standoffish with freight sales agents who act like they know and understand everything.  You’re likely to be liked more when you acknowledge the things that you don’t know or understand.

It Allows You to Ask Better Questions

Saying “I don’t understand” to your freight prospects allows you to go in depth on specific freight moving matters. A good way to gain understanding is to come up with specific questions that will fill in these gaps.

It Allows Your Prospects to Use Their Own Words

Ask your freight prospects to rephrase something if you’re not comprehending them.  Most prospects love to talk about themselves and asking them open-ended questions encourages them to explain what they mean in their own unique way.

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