Mistakes You Avoid In Freight Sales!

Mistakes You Avoid In Freight Sales!

If you’re new to freight sales, then you’ll make many mistakes starting out.  However, making mistakes isn’t always a bad thing as they provide opportunities for learning and growth.  Some common mistakes show your prospects that you’re a beginner and you’ll lose the opportunity of many sales starting out.  With time and practice though, you’ll make these mistakes less and less.  Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid in freight sales.


Never just wing it when it comes to connecting with freight prospects.  You may get lucky every now and then, but it’ll be rare.  Always do research before connecting with prospects.  Make sure you’re talking to the shipping decision maker and have some information about who they are and what they ship.  You also must have a plan for what to say to them.  Winging it wastes everybody’s time and has a low likelihood of success.  Instead: Research, Plan, and Execute.


If you don’t ask questions, your freight prospect won’t trust you.  They expect your questions.  Even worse, if you don’t ask any questions, you won’t get the information required to find out if you can assist them.  Don’t worry about offending the prospect or being pushy.  You require this information and asking is the only way to get it.


Not asking questions is bad enough, but not getting answers from your prospects could be even worse.  Not getting answers makes your conversations a waste of yours and their time.  Without answers, you won’t be able to make decisions.  Even negative answers or objections are better than no answers at all.


Before you get to the price, you must make sure your freight service will satisfy your prospect’s shipping requirements.  Don’t put the cart before the horse!  It’s vital to make sure that the freight service you provide is a good fit for your prospects.  Unless and until you reach this point, your prices are completely irrelevant to both parties.


When you’re new to freight sales, it’s easy to sound mechanical.  Going into a call with a script is helpful, but it can also make you sound robotic.  The goal is sounding natural and conversing naturally.  Use your script as a guide, but don’t read it word for word.  Fake it until you make it!  Act as if you’ve made thousands of sales calls and follow-up calls already.  The more you do it, the more you’ll speak naturally with great fluidity and confidence.  Repetition is key.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get.  You’ll make these mistakes early on, but you’ll make them less and less as you get more and more experience.

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