How Do You Measure YOUR Freight Sales Success?

How Do You Measure YOUR Freight Sales Success?

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How you measure your own success is one of the factors that determines how successful you’ll actually become. This can be a tricky subject. Question: Do you measure your success against other People? Against Yourself? Both?On one hand, competition is motivating. It can drive you to work harder and make more contacts. On the other hand, there’s a fine line between healthy competition and unhealthy competition.

So what’s a successful freight sales agent to do? How do you measure YOUR success?

Rule 1: Compare Your Results With Your Results Only

While we have our own leaderboard, the only person on the leaderboard that you’re focused on is you. That’s because you’re the only person you have control over – and sometimes little at that!

The rule is, only compare your performance with your previous performance. If you beat last month’s performance, last week’s performance or yesterday’s performance, then allow yourself that feeling of gratitude and contentment!

Do YOUR best always. It doesn’t matter if another freight agent moved more freight than you did. Did they steal sales away from you? When they achieve their goals, does it mean you can’t achieve yours? Of course not.

Get out of the comparison paradigm where you compare yourself to others. It’s so fickle because there will ALWAYS be someone doing better than you. You could reach the top of our leaderboard, but there will be sales agents in other professions making more sales than you.

Measuring my success based on my own performance rather than comparing myself to others was typically a challenge for me. I’m from a family of 13 children! That’s 12 people all competing with me and competition was always rife!

While that was fun, it’s much better to compete with yourself. Compete against your own desires. Never mind what others do. Beat your own records for the day.

Rule 2: The Improvement Paradigm – Take More Effective Action Than Before

The second rule how you measure your success is to measure how much effective action you take. The first rule for measuring your success was to measure how your results were getting better.

Like other people’s performance, however, results are also out of your control. You can only control whether you pick up the phone and call – but you can’t control whether they say Yes or No. You can only influence their decision. Select a few key metrics and record your performance in these areas. Then beat your record for the previous day and week.

For example, you may measure how many new contacts you made. After you make 15 this week, then go after 16 or more the following week. After you beat your previous record, then give yourself permission to be content with your progress!

So, How Do You Measure Success?

Measuring success is simple.

  • A. Judge your performance based on your performance only.
    • Get out of the comparison paradigm and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • B. Measure your effectiveness on two things:
    1. 1. Did your results increase from the previous week and month?
    2. 2. Did you take more action than the previous week and month?

When you answer YES to both questions, then you can be delighted. You’re on track to massive success!

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