How To Make Freight Sales Success Your ONLY Option

blog_image_how_to_make_freight_sales_success_your_only_option_250We all make excuses.  It’s in our nature.  It’s also extremely un-useful.  Whether it’s your explanation why you didn’t find the truck and move that load, or why you were late getting into the office, or why you still haven’t collected your 3 new freight sales contacts today, one thing is for sure, making excuses is both annoying and unhelpful.

An ‘excuse’ is a justification of why you have or haven’t done something.  Similar to a reason, except that an excuse usually ends up not being the REAL reason why you did or didn’t do something.  For example, if you haven’t made those calls today because you’re “too busy”, what you are really saying is: “It isn’t my top priority”.  Once you have the real reason why you didn’t make those calls, you can now fix it.

Excuses are a revision of the facts to make yourself feel better about what you have or haven’t done.

How many of these common excuses have you heard today?

  • I’m too busy
  • I got stuck in traffic
  • I need a vacation
  • We’re understaffed
  • I don’t have time
  • The economy is bad
  • My customer hasn’t called me back
  • I have bad luck

None of these are viable reasons why you have or haven’t done something – even if you’re too busy, understaffed or require a vacation.  They’re excuses – plain & simple!

How To Stop Making Excuses & Make Success Your ONLY Option

The challenge with making excuses is that they’re addictive.  Once you get out of something by using an excuse like those above, you start using them all the time. This is then a disaster for productivity.  It’s not only when you’re explaining the situation to other people, it’s also planted in your own mind as well.  It’s your way of feeling better about yourself in a situation where you know that you must do better.

The difference between a successful freight sales agent and an unsuccessful freight agent is that the successful one doesn’t make excuses. They take responsibility, get things done and don’t allow excuses in their vocabulary.

For example, look at the difference between these two statements:

  1. “I didn’t get the load because my prospect gave it to someone else.”
  2. “I didn’t get the load because I didn’t secure a truck.”

The first statement is an excuse.  The second statement assumes responsibility and is also a way to stop the same situation from happening again.  Which one do you think is conducive to a successful freight sales agent?

By taking responsibility and searching for a solution every time, you’re making success the only option.  A list of old excuses isn’t going to get you anywhere.  However, the option of learning from your mistakes will only increase your probability of success the next time.

The next time you don’t follow through, don’t make excuses.  Search for the real reason why the ideal result didn’t happen.  Then, figure out how you’ll stop it from happening again.  Use it as a learning experience and give yourself the ONLY option to succeed.



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