Listening Mistakes Freight Sales Agents Avoid!

Listening Mistakes Freight Sales Agents Avoid!

While connecting with freight prospects, great listening is key to moving their freight. Here are six common listening mistakes that SUCCESSFUL freight sales agents avoid.

Using Affirmative Words With Freight Prospects

Using affirmative words of interjection is a common conversational crutch. You may think it makes you sound more friendly, but it harms you.  You may think it gives confirmation that you’re listening with this great filler language, but it only annoys and distracts your freight prospects.  So, just listen and avoid peppering your conversations with words like: yup, yeah, right, and good.

Focusing On What To Say Next To Freight Prospects

This is the most common listening mistake.  You enter a conversation with a specific goal in mind, and have a plan to get there.  That’s understandable because you desire to move their freight.  However, when you spend the whole conversation planning the next thing you’re going to say, instead of listening to your freight prospect’s requirements, won’t achieve your goal.  What your prospects reveal to you is what moves their freight in the end, even when it changes YOUR original plan.

Finishing Freight Prospects Thoughts

Don’t rush conversations by assuming you know what freight prospects are saying or meaning, and then finishing their thoughts for them.  It’s rude and disrespectful.  It’s an easy way to lose their attention as well.  Even if your conversations slow down, let your freight prospect say what THEY mean.  They don’t want or require your assistance.

Passing Judgment On Freight Prospects

Don’t pass judgment on your freight prospects, either through what you say, or your body language.  Have an honest conversation and treat them as human beings.  Being a genuine and empathetic listener is the best way to not overtly pass your judgment.  It’s also the best way to eventually move their freight.  Also, don’t criticize your prospects silently because it often unconsciously comes through.

Using A Computer For Notes With Freight Prospects

Taking notes during conversations with freight prospects is vital.  It assists you in remembering the important details discussed with them.  However, don’t take notes with your computer.  When freight prospects hear you typing, they assume you’re answering emails, or playing a game instead of listening to their freight requirements.

Making Wrong Telephone Sounds To Freight Prospects

Just as overusing affirmative words and phrases can make your freight prospects feel as if they aren’t being heard, so can other telephone sounds.  This includes things like yawning, tapping your feet, sighing, rustling papers, or eating and drinking.  These noises can make it sound as if you’re bored or distracted, and not fully engaged in the conversation.

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