Listening Is The Essential Skill For Freight Sales Agents

Listening Is The Essential Skill For Freight Sales Agents

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As a successful freight sales agent, you must listen to your potential prospects and customers.  Focus on the details of your conversations, because it’s those details that are used to develop a plan for offering your freight services.  Before you make any sales call, first gather research on your prospect and prepare a list of notes to use for each call. During the conversation, glean important information while you carefully listen to their concerns and challenges.


Replies To Your Prospects

Always politely respond to your prospect’s replies. They may quickly tell you about a specific shipping challenge and expect you to suggest a solution for said challenge. You must be ready to discuss important details about your freight services.  If your prospect doesn’t want to speak with you, politely thank them and end the call after you’ve asked about making an appointment for another time.

Preparing Your Sales Calls

There’s usually information on websites that you can use to learn about the business objectives of a company. Learn about the products of a company and research information received by company representative who will be answering your phone call. That information can be used to assist you to develop an effective approach for speaking with that prospect.

Prospect Information

Say, for example, your prospect may ship candy or computer equipment to several different warehouses. If you have information about the products, then make decisions about the appropriate kind of equipment for the shipments such as dry vans, refrigerated trailers or flatbeds. During the sales call, your prospect may comment about the usual routes for their drops.

Pronunciation Of Key Terms

When your prospect is speaking, write down notes about your conversation. They may mention the names of cities and companies. Repeat those names to verify you’ve correctly understood the comments. With that information, visualize the usual routes. Two fundamental sales skills are verifying information and attention to details.

Comments About Challenges

Challenges that get mentioned during conversations are very important because you’ll have the opportunity for suggesting methods for controlling those challenges. Prospects may desire a different type of equipment for deliveries such as a Conestoga trailer instead of a flatbed.  Some prospects may want to ship partial loads but are forced to only ship full loads because carriers cannot schedule several deliveries.

 Lane Routes

Information about lane routes can be used to quickly assist you to select trucks that are in those areas.  A carrier will be more likely to accept a load if he or she can drive fewer miles for their deadhead.  You can offer your prospect a lower price for a load because one of your trucks has a strategic location that’s convenient for that customer. These different aspects of logistics are crucial factors for a freight sales agent.


You must always listen to prospects. When prospects are speaking, you can be given important information that will help you schedule shipments. Then use your sales skills to simplify the process. The details about logistics, such as routes, can be used to help you to make decisions about trucks and equipment. Freight sales agents must focus on listening to prospects because they may only have one opportunity for getting their loads.

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