Lean In For The Good Stuff

Lean In For The Good Stuff

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Imagine this scenario:

You get on a call with a new prospect.

The prospect is feeling good. He agrees to give you some of his time. During the call, he tells you exactly what’s going on including all of his challenges. When your prospect does this, your eyes must pick up and you should then lean forward.

When a customer is in a talkative mood, this is when you must listen very closely. It’s a sign that he has something going on and he’s sharing it with you. Possibly a project in the works that he could very well use your assistance. What you must do in these scenarios is listen for your prospects lean in statements.

What are Lean In statements?

Lean In words and statements are those describing pain, discomfort or dissatisfaction.

Prospects won’t typically fill you in like this, however, they may use them whenever they have something important going on. When there’s something important going on, there’ll always be a challenge of some sort.

As Murphy’s Law states: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong, and it will go wrong at the worst possible moment.

It’s an unusual statement with a lot of truth to it.

Here are examples of Lean In statements?

  • We have to do something about…
  • It’s concerning us that…
  • We’re not satisfied with…
  • It costs us…
  • What’s disappointing is…
  • We’ve noticed a downward trend in…
  • It’s a hassle when…
  • A trouble area is…
  • We worry about…
  • We’ve been unsuccessful with…
  • What’s frustrating is…
  • What takes time is…

Notice how every one of these statements describes pain, discomfort or dissatisfaction. It’s crucial to listen for these words because they indicate a challenge. 90% of your initial freight sales from a new customer will come from solving their problems.

What’s your response to Lean In statements?

When your prospect vocalizes a lean in statement, your priority is to persuade them to explain more. To tell you the specifics of what they’re struggling with. There is great power in clarity.

When they use a Lean In phrase, ask a clarifying question like:

  • How does that affect you?
  • In what way?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • Explain that please.
  • Tell me more about that challenge.
  • How do you mean?

How will this makes you successful?

The reason these questions are so effective is that your prospect will then describe a solution. They’ll tell you exactly what they desire. When we give them exactly what they desire, as they describe it, we’ll move their freight.

Here are examples of how they’ll reply with a solution:

  • What we can really use is…
  • We’d get the most benefit from…
  • What we’d like to achieve is…
  • The ideal solution is…
  • The perfect solution is for us to…
  • We can show a savings with…

Once they describe their solution, your main priority, then, is to give them their solution.

So, if they say:

The perfect solution is for us to ship our freight from Denver to Orlando, at a reasonable rate and on time. That would be ideal.

You will then say: I can do that exact thing for you.

You’ve just made your freight sale. This is especially true when you make those first calls to a prospect – those conversations that take place before you move any freight for them.

Try out this strategy today. Write out my list of Lean In words and statements. Listen for them attentively when you’re talking to prospects initially and during follow up calls. Practice this tactic and watch as you climb up our leaderboard!

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