How You Keep Freight Sales Simple!

How You Keep Freight Sales Simple!

FREIGHT SALES IS SIMPLE! There are many pieces that must fit together, and this can be complex.  So, it’s vital that you keep things as simple as possible. This is very important in the way you communicate with freight prospects. Keeping your communication simple ensures it’s easy for anyone to understand you.  It makes prospects feel they’re talking to an equal, rather than someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

When You Attempt To Appear ‘Smart’, You Actually Look Foolish!

Your purpose as a freight sales agent isn’t to sound smart. That’s not your goal. When you attempt to sound smart, you’re attempting to be someone you’re not. That doesn’t mean you’re not a smart person; it means you’re trying too hard. When you do this, the inevitable result is that you’ll make a fool of yourself. Instead, just be yourself. Be authentic! Let your competence, determination and friendliness shine instead. Stop trying to sound smart and instead be smart…by keeping it simple.

Unless You Know It’s Meaning, Don’t Say The Word!

Be yourself! Don’t attempt to be more in-the-know than you are. There are always new buzzwords floating around, but that doesn’t mean you use them. If you aren’t 100% sure of a word’s meaning, never use it! If you hear jargon that you’re not familiar with, look it up and make sure you understand its meaning before you use it in a conversation. When you say a word without being certain of its meaning, you risk looking foolish, or like you’re trying too hard. Besides, you can usually get your point across in a more clear and direct way without using popular jargon or buzzwords. Remember also that you have no idea if your prospect even knows the jargon either. Saying words that your prospects don’t understand won’t lead to successful outcomes.

Use SMALL Words To Make BIG Points!

To make big points, you don’t require big words. In fact, big words make it less likely your point gets across. Instead, use small words to make your big points. This doesn’t mean you use a bunch of low-value words like umm and well and yeah. Use high-level, high-energy small words. Clear and simple language ensures that your point is clear. Speak authentically. If you use big words, that’s one thing. But if you’re attempting to be someone you’re not, that’s a recipe for failure. Just be authentic and speak as you normally speak. Whenever possible, use small and simple words to maximize clarity. Invest in simplicity for a guaranteed pay-off!

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