Indicators Your Freight Prospect Doesn’t Like YOU!

blog_image_indicators_your_freight_prospect_doesnt_like_you_250Your Freight Prospect Cuts YOU Off!

When your freight prospect interrupts you, listen and pay attention to their words. Then determine why.  Are they excited, or just irritated?

At times freight sales prospecting leads to phrases like “That’s not right,” which means your prospect feels that you aren’t listening to them. It’s possible that you’ve made the wrong assumptions, or misunderstood a statement.  As a freight sales agent, always take a moment to ensure that your both on the same page.


Your Freight Prospect Is Impatient With YOU!

People often use body language that shows impatience – rolling their eyes, watch-checking, etc. When your freight prospect shows this type of behavior, it suggests they’d rather be anywhere than talking to you.  When this happens, ask if they’d like to reschedule that time with you.

Busy individuals who’ve made time for you want you to get to the point. When it comes to freight sales prospecting, outline your meetings beforehand to ensure you cover important key points right away.  Then draw on your sales skills to change up or move ahead when it appears appropriate.

 Your Freight Prospect Is Unwilling To Give YOU Information!

Most freight sales prospecting requires feedback. In order for you to address your prospects’ requirements, you may require some of their metrics or logistics data. However, you’re in no place to suggest solutions if you don’t understand their freight challenges.

If your freight prospect declines to provide this information, it indicates that they don’t trust you. Have you established enough confidence with them, or, fully explained your need to have their info? Remember your freight sales training: Figure out why, and then fix it!

Your Freight Prospect Skips Pleasantries With YOU!

Engaging in small talk is a friendly overture, not a requirement. Some personality types, like me, just aren’t fond of chit-chat. We see it as a waste of time, a distraction, or just unprofessional.   So, when your freight prospect doesn’t even respond to simple courtesies like “How are you today?”, then they’re someone who just isn’t excited about dialoging with you.

On the positive side, there they are, ready to communicate with you. Even if they have no interest in a personal relationship of any kind, they see enough value to talk about costs, compare your rates, and examine other factors with you. So, don’t worry about it or take it personally. Unless they actually become hostile, there’s a high probability that they’ll still utilize your freight service.

Your Freight Prospect Asks To Work With Someone Else!

This is uncommon, but can happen if your prospect is feeling frustrated or somehow uncomfortable in your presence. They may take offense, or lose confidence at your first miscue. Or, they may decide that you don’t have the freight sales training that meets their requirements.

So, you find yourself the object of a person’s dislike for no particular reason. It happens to everyone at some point.  However, consider your obligation to your freight brokerage. If your freight prospect is still willing to talk, they’re still interested in your company’s freight service.    Ask a colleague, whose sales skills you respect, to take your place.

Often, it’s just bad timing or innocent mistakes. As long as you’re observant of your prospect’s reactions and take the steps to get things back on track, continuing to build your freight sales relationships will still be productive and successful!

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