How To Respond To NO!

How To Respond To NO!

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As freight sales agents, we often find ourselves hearing NO, typically in our sales prospecting calls, and, at the start of our freight sales profession. Before we build our foundation in freight sales, it’s common to be told NO, however, that’s not a bad thing. When you deal with it the right way, you’ll get over any disappointment and use it to your advantage.

Offer The Right Freight Service At The Right Price

The first thing to remember when making your sales calls is to offer the right freight service at the right price. Do your research properly. Get your pricing correct and there’s no reason why you won’t be successful. Now that you know what you’re offering is a good fit for your freight prospect, start making your sales calls.

So, How Do You Respond To NO?

Don’t Take NO Personally

Remember when making sales calls, your prospect doesn’t know you, yet. Initially, you’re just a voice on the end of the phone to your prospect.  So, don’t take a NO personally. It’s the idea that you’re selling to them that they’re resisting, and we all know that people can come around to new ideas and change over time.

Hearing NO Never Hurt Anyone

The number one word that all humans hear between birth and the age of 18 is NO. It could have been in response to whether you receive a candy bar, or, if you take off a day of school. Unfortunately, you’re used to hearing the word NO by now and it’s been ingrained into your subconscious mind! It’s also no coincidence that these early years are when we learn the most, and perfect the things we do in our lives. So, look at the NO in your sales calls as a learning opportunity.

Don’t Let NO Get You Down

When you speak to the most successful freight sales agents in this profession today, they’re going to tell you that they didn’t get everything right the first time. What they did do, however, was learn from their mistakes. There’s the old saying that says “It’s not important that you fell; it’s important that you got up again.” So, remember this when you get a NO. A long as you did your best and learned something from the experience, you can be proud.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

It’s important to remember the sales call you just made has nothing to do with the sales call you’re about to make.  While it’s important to learn from mistakes, remember that the freight prospect you’re about to call is a new person and a new start. So get back at it and place your next call!

It can be disheartening to hear NO from a sales call, especially if it happens repeatedly, and let me remind you again, at the beginning of your freight sales career. However, when your price is right, and your freight service is right, you have the tools to move your customer’s freight. It just takes practice, and learning, from your mistakes. Next time you hear a NO from your freight prospect, think about what you’ll learn from it. Don’t get disheartened and get back at it!

It’s That Simple!

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