How to Improve and Perfect Approaching Your Business Prospects


There’s a recurring reason why we hear objections from our business prospects – it’s because we’re not making our calls correctly. An objection typically means that a customer doesn’t feel comfortable to open up with you – yet.There are three typical mistakes that trigger objections from your prospects. When you approach prospects correctly, you’ll receive an objection roughly 1 out of 10 times.

Mistake #1: You introduce yourself, explain what you do, explain the benefits of your freight service, and go quiet, letting the prospect respond.

The moment you stop talking, you usually hear “sorry I’m busy” or “sorry I’m not interested”. Believe it or not, people are not terribly interested in you. To them, when you talk only about yourself and your company, they hear this as just another advertisement. They’re usually only interested in themselves and what’s currently on their plate. You don’t like it yourself when you’re on the other end of these types of conversations so you know they’re ineffective.
Start your conversation by focusing on them rather than you. Find a problem or issue they’re facing – and focus on their requirements. You’ll get a much more receptive response when you do this.

Mistake #2: Being over-confident that your prospect should use your service and focusing on the sale.

You haven’t asked your prospect to determine this along with you. You’re deciding for yourself what’s good for them. Keep everything focused on your prospect. Relax into a real conversation with them.
Invite them to explore along with you whether what you have to offer is something they can utilize or not. Keep the conversation focused on your prospect’s challenges. Rapport, trust and your likelihood of getting the sale all go up without focusing directly on the sale.

Mistake #3: Your prospect brings up an objection and you attempt to overcome it.

Cold-calling is challenging enough and many times you’re not familiar with your prospects or their business. You don’t know everything and there are certain things you definitely don’t know – their problems, budget, time-constraints, etc. Not everyone is going to benefit from your freight service.
When you attempt to overcome their objection, it puts them on the defensive.
Listen intently to what they’re saying and approach them from the standpoint of: Is what I have to offer a good match for my prospect? When your prospect gives an objection, ask yourself what you’re doing. The goal is to have them say, “This sounds great! I’ll definitely put you on my freight list!”

When you avoid these three mistakes, you’ll put yourself on the fast track to success. Just remember: focus on the prospect. Find out if they truly will benefit from your service. This alone will multiply your results.

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