How to Contact New Prospects


Starting a relationship with a new prospect can be tricky.What do you say?

How often should you be in touch?

How do you know if you are taking enough action, or leaving money on the table?

Here are seven (7) ways you can contact new prospects.

1. Obtain 3 new business contacts daily and call them
This will replace business that you will eventually lose, or business that will never even get off the ground. You WILL lose business for one reason or another- that is a fact.
Some clients will not have any loads for 6 months or a year and then will re-contact. Others will fall through for other reasons, so you need to systematically pursue new prospects.
2. Establish rapport first
Foster a connection with people. People are more likely to buy from a friend than from a salesperson. This can be difficult at first when making cold calls.
One way to establish rapport is to start the conversation based on the lane they are running or the weight they are moving. This is how I build rapport with them.
You can find out lanes by talking with drivers -not all of them will tell you what lanes they are driving- but some of them will tell you. You can use this information to make an initial connection with prospects.
You will naturally learn how to build rapport as you learn the ins-and-outs of the business. Think of the process as being on a football team. You start as a freshman, and build your skills through training and practice.
3. Before you call anybody, do your research
Know what lanes they are shipping, and know the details about the lane – the weight, the miles, and so forth. Focus your conversation on the lane.
Cold calling people without doing any research tells them you did not consider the call important enough to research. It is not about you, it is all about them. Make the conversation about them, not you.
4. Gather research on a company prospect
Start by calling a company’s sales department. They will talk about the company and tell you where it’s going.
Salespeople like to talk about what they are doing, particularly a less experienced one, so ask them questions about what they do. Ask what lanes they ship, or what states they operate in.
5. Take action and follow the process
You’ll build proficiency through ACTION.
6. You will encounter resistance from prospects
They will tell you business is slow, or they don’t have any loads that need to be moved. Persistence is key -follow up with them
7. Focus on People, Process, and Product
When you focus on the three most important aspects of business, you can’t help but create success.

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  1. Gilbert Gonzales

    This blog tells me everything that I needed to start my company thank you very much and I will put into play every single step that I need that can help me grow my company and continue to have clients at all times


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