Have What It Takes To Score BIG!

Have What It Takes To Score BIG!

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Do you know when most freight agents quit?  Right before they reach their goals!  They may not know how close they are, but they quit when they’re almost there.  Don’t be one of these freight agents!  Always assume that you’re on that ten-yard line.  This is the time to dig in, believe that you have what it takes to score, and go for it!  The key is not to give up.  Even if it turns out you were really on the twenty-yard line, perseverance always gets you to your goal.


Switch: “I Failed” To: “I Learned What Not To Do Again!”

There’s nothing as demoralizing as failure.  But, what if you framed your “failures” differently? Every so-called failure is really a learning opportunity.  Change the way you think of it.  Instead of saying that you failed, acknowledge what you learned and what to do differently next time.  Then, celebrate it!  You’re not celebrating failure.  You’re celebrating a key lesson learned that will assist you to succeed next time.

Mistakes Are Learning Experiences You Don’t Repeat!

Making mistakes is the best thing you do on your way to freight sales success. Mistakes aren’t failures. Rather, they’re learning opportunities. When you make mistakes, use those experiences as lessons, and never repeat them again. Making mistakes is one of THE most effective ways to learn.

No Risk, No Nothing!

Risk can be scary.  What if it doesn’t pay off?  What if you end up worse off?  What if you fail?  However, without risk, you’re going to get exactly nowhere.  Without risk, there’s no opportunity for reward.  No risk, no nothing!  Starting a freight sales business has risk.  Once you’ve begun, there are more risks to take, and there are risks to achieving massive success.  So, get acquainted with risk!

You Won’t Move Freight Until You’re Known!

Freight sales success requires you to get out in the freight marketplace.  If you think you’ll attract leads without reaching for them, you’re going nowhere. You must make yourself known!  When freight prospects know you, and associate you with excellence, your prospects snowball and you have plenty of freight loads. Take the first step and make yourself known!

There Are Few People Willing To Put Forth Effort! Where Are You?

Making progress always takes work, and you’d be surprised how many freight agents aren’t willing to make the effort. It’s a simple equation. Where are you right now? Where do you desire to be? Figure out the difference between the two. Be among the few who’ll put forth the effort to get there.

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