How You Handle Critics And Naysayers!

When you get ahead in freight sales, you’ll always face critics and naysayers.  They’re impossible to avoid.  And this is especially true when you’re bettering yourself financially as well.  It’s vital to know how to handle your critics and naysayers so you don’t allow them to hold you back from reaching your ultimate sales and financial goals in this profession.

Critics and naysayers come at you from many places.  Criticism comes from other freight sales agents, especially if you work in an office setting.  It comes from the media.  It especially comes from family and friends who are nowhere close to achieving the same goals as you.  And the biggest criticism of all, ironically, comes from none other than Yourself!

Prepare For Comments Such As:

“You’re Wasting Your Time”

Mediocre and average performers say this because they’re attempting to bring you down to their level.  Some people have a hard time seeing other people succeed and they react with comments like these. This is all tied to the critic’s own insecurities.

“This Won’t Work In Freight Sales”

Again, this is about the critic attempting to bring you down.  They don’t want to see you rise above them.  They don’t want to attempt new things and hate seeing other people attempt new things and succeeding in the end.

“Following Up So Much Turns Off Prospects And Customers”

This is about the critic’s laziness and failure to put in the effort necessary for freight sales success.  In the real world, continued and effective follow-up is the very foundation of success in freight sales

“No One Will Work With You”

This is not about you.  It’s all about the critic’s own feelings of lack. The mediocre or average performers will say this to discourage you from continuing to rise to a level of excellence and top performance.

When You Take Massive Action:

You Create New Challenges For Yourself

By continuing to follow up with prospects and push forward towards big sales goals, new challenges will always come your way.  And this is a great and positive sign that you’re moving forward.  As you learn new skills, new challenges always follow and this is a great sign.  New challenges are a good thing because they ultimately lead to success.   By creating new challenges for yourself, you’re always proving the naysayers wrong.

You Receive Criticism And Warnings From Mediocre Performers

Consider criticism as a badge of honor, just like challenges.  Critics always come out when you rise above the average.  One of the best ways to handle critics and naysayers is remember that their very presence means you’re on the right track.  When they come out of the woodwork, it means you’re doing the massive action required, and you’re on your way to becoming THE top freight sales agent.  Don’t ever let critics get you down because they outnumber the successful performers 10 to 1.  Now, which group do you want to be a part of? 

You Receive Criticism And Warnings From Yourself

One of the biggest critics is also the hardest to ignore: YOU.  Ignore your own criticisms as well as those of the outside naysayers.  Just stay strong and keep moving forward.  Don’t listen to the irritating voices that you hear in your mind.  And don’t think that you’re the only one that hears them, because we all do!  That’s why there’s so much fear in this world today – because most believe what they hear.  On the positive side, always remember that criticism is a glaring sign that you’re on the right track to your freight sales goals.

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