Using Google Alerts to Boost your Freight Sales

blog_image_using_google_alerts_to_boost_your_freight_sales_250In our world of freight sales, competition is rife and we must use every tool available to skip quickly ahead of it.  When it comes to freight sales, the more we know about a company, the better service we can offer to them, and the more likely they are to utilize us. We also know it’s challenging sometimes to persuade shipping decision makers to take our calls initially.  So, one of my best methods to improving and increasing sales is using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts will tell you every time a new piece of content is released on somebody’s website, or a web page is indexed on Google with particular keywords.  It means that you’re alerted any time something that may be of interest to you – and assist in building that all important relationship – pops up in relation to those keywords.

One of the best things about Google Alerts is that it’s totally free!  It’ll give you a whole host of new reasons to call – more than just the boring “just following up”, or “what freight is moving this week?”.

Another great aspect about Google Alerts is that you’ll be able to contact your new prospects when it’s right for them.  This gives you the opportunity to assist those prospects when they require you – good for them, and making it easier for you to move their freight initially in the process.  It’ll set you apart and give you the opportunity of making that sale ahead of your rivals.

Setting up Google Alerts

Setting up a Google alert is an easy process, and you should try to do it for all of your prospects and customers. To set up a Google alert:

  • Go to Google Alerts –
  • Add the company’s name or keywords
  • Choose how often you want to receive the alerts
  • Select your language
  • Select your region
  • Select whether you want all of the results, or just the best results
  • Once you’ve inputted this information, you’ll be given some examples of search results of recent articles and/or indexed web pages
  • Now add your email address and click on ‘Create Alert’
  • Set up a ‘Google Alerts’ folder in your email inbox, and direct all of the alerts to be sent there.

You now have a direct link to news and updates with your prospects, giving you the tools to make your relationship with them extra special.  Setting up alerts for every new prospect you’re building relationships with will certainly put you a step ahead.

Trigger Events

As you receive these alerts about your prospects, you’ll find interesting nuggets of information which you’ll then be able to bring up in your calls.  These are called ‘trigger events’.

By using Google Alerts, start building relationships with your prospects by reaching out at the time that’s best for them, and offering your freight service at the time when they require it.

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