Get In And Stay In Freight Sales!

Get In And Stay In Freight Sales!

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The key to winning in freight sales is to get in the game first, start playing, and stay in to the end.  It’s challenging to generate leads and move freight when you’re not in the game at all.  You won’t get anywhere from the sidelines.  Getting in and staying in the game can be challenging, however, once you’re in, it gets easier.  Push through the discomfort of getting started and dive in.  Once you’re in and moving loads, stay there to see your income MULTIPLY!

Are Your Goals In Front Of You?

Following through on your plans and achieving your goals requires that you’re constantly aware of them.  When your plans and goals are out of sight, they won’t be accomplished!  Keep your plans and goals in front of your face always.  Make sure they’re always on your mind.  This ensures your actions are always toward the end of achieving your goals.

How Balanced Are You?

Take a moment to consider your life.  Consider your freight sales business as well as your personal life.  How balanced are you?  Do you have a good work-life balance?  You may think that working yourself to the bone assists in every aspect of your life, but you’re more productive when you have a healthy balance.  Don’t ignore relationships.  Make a little time for hobbies and the like.  Balance assists in breeding motivation and discipline, and that assists you to succeed in freight sales.

How Conducive Is Your Environment For Success?

Your surrounding environment plays a major role in both your attitude and your success.  Is your office area messy and chaotic?  You’ll see that in your work.  Is your environment organized and inspiring?  You’ll see that in your work as well.  By making positive changes in your environment, you’ll see boosts in both your attitude and your freight sales.

How Many Projects Do You Abandon?

Most individuals have many abandoned projects in their lives.  So, don’t be like most individuals. Look at everything on your plate right now and analyze it.  Projects that are not worth your time can be let go.  For everything else, plan and commit to following through on it.  You’re not like everyone else.  When you start a project, know that you’ll complete it.

Not Adding New Customers? Then You’re Stagnant!

A puddle of water grows old and stagnant, but streams and rivers never do.  Don’t let your business be like a puddle of old, dirty water.  Continually add new customers to the stream of your business.  Keep the water moving and your business will keep moving forward.  Adding new customers doesn’t mean abandoning or ignoring your existing customers.  They’ll keep moving along in the stream even as you add new customers.

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