10 Gatekeeper and Voice Message Tips


We live in a competitive world. Your prospects are already receiving many calls each day. If you want to get their business, you have to stand out.

A good voice message is like a movie trailer. It must pique curiosity, but not tell the entire story.

The message should draw the recipient in, so s/he wants to hear more. But that’s easier said than done.

1. Be Honest And Forthright
Treat the recipient like you already know them. Use a friendly tone. Speak the way you would speak if they were a close personal friend you were inviting to dinner. Your message will sound much warmer.
2. Don’t Repeat What the System Says
When the prospect hears your message, the system will tell them the time that you called. Don’t waste their time and risk losing their attention by telling them what they already know.
3. Change Your Greeting Daily
Why? You will often have to follow up with prospects multiple times. Break their pattern by changing up your introduction.
4. Be Specific In Your Details
Be sure to include the main points about who you are, and what details the recipient needs to return your call, including your contact. If you are only available to receive calls at certain times, include this; otherwise simply note your time zone or the current time.
5. Don’t Drag Out Your Message
Keep it short and to-the-point so your recipient is more likely to listen to the end of the recording.
6. Always Review Your Message
Consider writing your message out before sending it, and ask a colleague to review it. If you feel in your gut that your message isn’t up to scratch or getting the results you want, this simple thing could plug the hole in your results.
7. Use A (PS:) In Your Message
People tend to pay extra attention to the first part of the message, and to the P.S. Be sure to give a cue, such as “P.S” or “again”, to invoke curiosity so the caller knows to listen closely.
8. Don’t Mention Previous Attempts
Keep your message focused in the present. Let the message itself be a reminder of your calls by keeping it personalized, short and sweet.
9. Open Your Mouth Wider
This helps you to pronounce every word, avoid mumbling so you speak clearly and will be understood.
10. Slow Down When Speaking
Unless you purposely slow down, your message will probably go too fast for the listener to catch all the details.

Remember: be genuine when you are calling prospects and customers! It is easy to spot an insincere sales agent. Like a skunk in your family room, they both smell terrible.

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