Freight Sales Voicemails That Generate Callbacks!

Freight Sales Voicemails That Generate Callbacks!

In freight sales, you leave a lot of voice mails. While the content of your voice mails vary depending on the call, there are things to say in your voicemail messages to maximize your callbacks.  Your goal with each voicemail message is to inspire curiosity with your freight prospects so they call you back to learn more.  Here are my top 10 tips for leaving voice mails that generate callbacks.

Be Honest

This is vital in every type of communication in freight sales and voicemails are no different. Tell the truth and be direct.


Don’t Repeat What The System Says

Don’t waste time by repeating anything from the answering machine message.

Change Your Greeting Daily

Mix things up a bit instead of always saying the same greeting.  This is helpful for the prospects you must call repeatedly before they connect with you.  It also shows that you’re creative and really invested rather than just going through the motions.  Always infuse your unique greetings with energy and confidence.

Be Specific In Your Details

Offering specific details is much more insightful to a shipping decision maker than offering vague and general details. Vague details are a waste of time and they don’t inspire the curiosity that you’re attempting to create.  Clear and concrete details show you mean business.

Don’t Drag Out Your Message

Being concise is another way to show freight prospects that you value their time.  The first things to cut from your messages are low-value filler words like “um” and “uh” that only detract from the content of your message.

Always Review Your Message

Most voicemail systems give you the opportunity to review your message before submitting it.  Always do this to make sure the message is clear and does what you want it to.

Use A (PS:) In Your Message

After giving the specific details in your message, you can end with a further PS.  Just make sure the PS is also specific.  A PS is a great opportunity for you to show that you know something about your freight prospect and their business.

Don’t Mention Your Previous Attempts

Even if you’ve called several times already, don’t mention them.  Just be persistent and keep leaving messages. Mentioning that this is your sixth call only makes you sound desperate.

Open Your Mouth While Speaking

Opening your mouth wide projects your message.  Don’t mumble.  Your words must be clear and easy to understand.

Slow Down While Speaking

When you speak too quickly, important details get lost.  Slowing down allows you to highlight specific points to make sure freight prospect hear and remember them.

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