You Must Do THIS In Freight Sales!

Most freight sales agents hit a wall at various points in their career.  They
have no idea what’s wrong, and they’re busting their butts all day working
long hours. Then they realize their biggest problem is OBSCURITY. Prospects
are NOT thinking about them! Get all my Postings to SOLVE this challenge!

The ONLY way to Freight Sales Success is through Massive Action! There are many things you MUST do during this continual massive process, however, there are a few things you MUST do over and over and over again.

You Must Do 2 Things In Freight Sales Continually:

1. Get Noticed

There are all kinds of things for you to do in your life as a freight sales agent but none of them matter until you get noticed! You MUST find a way to stand out from the crowd. You MUST find a way to not just blend into the masses. Getting noticed means putting in your time on the phone, day in and day out. Keep making those calls to get in touch with the shipping decision makers. Keep following up with prospects. Be persistent and consistent.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you because you’ve been in the profession awhile, and you have customers, think again. When you rest on your laurels thinking you’ll be fine, you’re in for a rude awakening. You MUST continually work to get noticed throughout your career, or else you fade away into obscurity!

2. Get Through All The Noise

It’s challenging to get noticed these days because there’s so much noise! The shipping decision makers you’re attempting to get to notice you, and ultimately work with you, are humans! You know what it’s like to be a human. There’s many things competing for your attention. Family, friends, social media, sports, politics, health, and on and on. With your shipping decision makers, it’s all that plus all the noise from work. They may be thinking about work drama, or challenges with coworkers, or their boss, or some other piece of chaos. Your job is to get through all that noise, personal and work, and everything else. What’s the best way to break through that solid wall of noise? It’s all about persistence. Keep following up, again and again so you remain in the forefront of their mind.

This Happen When You Accomplish These Two:

1. You Get A New Set Of Challenges

Challenges? Who wants those? You do! Not all challenges are bad. There are good challenges, and when you get noticed, and break through the noise you’ll be flooded with new challenges. You’ll have more work on your plate, more things to balance, more loads to get in motion. And these good challenges mean more money and more success.

2. You Have Competition That Promotes You

When someone leaves their previous freight sales broker to work with you, that competition of yours won’t be happy. They may start saying some nasty things about you. Is this a problem? Possibly, but it’s one of those good situations! Someone talking about you, even if it’s not complimentary, is only going to help you get noticed. Your competition might be trying to put you down, but they inadvertently promote you.

And That’s All Great!

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